Skyler's Black Friday

It may be hard to have this sink into your cranium but... I rarely shop during Black Friday or Thanksgiving weekend. I was in the fashion retail industry for about 8 years and to make the long story short, it just ain't worth it (except for electronics/tech stuff, maybe). Skyler, on the other hand, got himself some great deals and we kinda went nuts at PetSmart. No long lines, no crazy lunatics running across the aisles, no screaming, no scratching each other's eyeballs either.

The Black Friday deal (just for the day) was 50% off on tons of items and luckily, a lot of Sky's favorite treats and toys were on sale!

I bought a couple of things for Bugsy (remember the lion head bunny I rescued?) too but those were mostly just 20% off or regular-priced. Better luck next time, Bugsy!

Here's how much I saved on my purchase! High five, minions!

Now... to hide these treats where this dog-slash-thieving-raccoon can't easily get to.

Toodles! :)

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