I Got The Blues for Shoes

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Looks like I need to write more on funny and apparently, gross topics. Someone typed in "something gross" in the suggestion box and that cracked me up. Dudes, I know you guys probably roll your eyeballs every time I do a fashion post but just bear with me. I'll try my best to write "something gross" next time. Okay? Okay!

Let's talk about accessories. I think you've noticed that in every Fashion Files that I do, I don't have that much accessories on me. I just wear my watch and the gold necklace which has two pendants on them, one with an "A" engraved on it which obviously stands for Angel since my parents think I'm godsent tee-hee and the diamond studded pendant that I added on to the necklace (The boyfriend's nth anniversary gift). Why so few? Well, truth be told, I am not responsible enough to wear (real or fancy) jewelry...God knows how many diamond earrings and South Sea pearls I've lost along the way so my parents just keep them for me until I really need to use them.

I know I must be breaking some kinda bloggers' Ya-Ya Sisterhood code for mentioning this, like I really give a flying squirrel but I managed to peruse over a fashion blogger's website and I could see she had it all down to a T. The hair, the make-up, the pose, the lighting, the background, the clothes...they were not bad at all. And then you look down further...no, really way down...Golly jeez, Batman! What happened to the shoes?!

Sometimes those little trinkets of fancy jewelry can get you all googly-eyed and next thing you know, you're stacking up those things from your wrist all the way to your throat...and then you forget about one of the most important accessories EVER. SHOES.

I gotta admit, this lady rocks the "stacking" trend. Beauty is pain?...

Source: kudumomo

The other most important accessory that I would always recommend to invest in, aside from a pair of high quality shoes, is a versatile leather bag . Why?

a) a leather purse in a classic color like black or vintage brown (dark earth tones) will blend with any outfit.

b) you will have to outgrow those trendy purses that you tote around... a neon yellow purse with rock studs might not exactly help you land the job of your dreams, unless you're applying to be a Harajuku girl.

c) fabric purses are not as sturdy as the leather counterparts and they tend to stain or fade quickly.

A great pair of shoes sometimes doesn't need to have so many bells and whistles to stand out. As long as it's made of high-quality materials and of great craftsmanship, it'll show.

Black patent leather pumps... this is a MUST!

via us.christianlouboutin.com

Grey-colored sandals to neutralize pastel or neon-infused outfits, so you won't entirely look like a pack of Skittles.

Alexander Wang via saks,com

But just in case you want to taste the rainbow...

Brian Atwood via saks.com

Gold Leather Mary Jane sandals for those dinner dates or sassy girls' night out ...

Rebecca Minkoff via saks.com

For the more formal evenings like your bestfriend's wedding...just try not to out-dress the bride!

Christian Louboutin via saks.com

If and when you do manage to out-dance the bride and groom, your aching feet might need some reinforcements through some gorgeous jeweled flat sandals. Always keep a spare of dressier sandals or flats in your car during a night out! Imagine resorting to rubber flip flops with a gorgeous gown? Yeesh.

Rene Caovilla via neimanmarcus.com

Need the height but don't want the pain? You can go for a retro-inspired design with platform soles and chunky heels to give you that extra support.

Marni via barneys.com

Prada via saks.com
Stella McCartney via saks.com

Tod's driving mocassins...Holy Shawarma, these are super comfy. Ironically, I don't use 'em for driving, instead I use them mostly when I travel on long-haul flights and they're great for days when you're running with the bulls kids! The suede ones are awesome too but they may be a pain to maintain.

via tods.com

Purchasing cheap finds can be addictive but you have to realize that quality always knocks out the cheap competition. Invest your money on timeless pieces or those that work well with your current wardrobe. Instead of having 10 different low-quality trendy bags, why not spend it on a durable, well-crafted purse that will last you forever? The same logic goes for shoes as well but of course, there's always an exception to the rule. I do purchase cheap (in value and in quality) shoes so I don't wear out the expensive ones fast. I know sometimes you may have a favorite pair of shoes that you just want to wear everyday but don't forget to alternate your shoes to help extend its lifespan.

Call me crazy but...$200 for a pair of flip-flops? Hell to the NO. And yes, I'm talking to you, HAVAIANAS.

Toodles! =)

I Heart Fruit

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Broken-hearted? Dazed and confused about love? Betrayed by a loved one? Falling in love with your bestfriend? Involved in a love triangle? Love quadrangle? Love pentagon? Hey, we don't discriminate! Fret no more, The Love Fruit is in and we are officially accepting entries from our love-stricken readers who need sound advice about love and relationships!

Just click on the CONTACT ME tab (which you can spot easily as shown below) and start bringing out the Nicholas Sparks in you.

Once you get in the Contact page, you can fill in your name or as Anonymous and write I HEART FRUIT on the Subject line. This is just to ensure that your mail doesn't get lost in the hundreds of junk mail or love letters from hot Brazilian models that the boyfriend doesn't know about. It's free to dream.

For your privacy and to protect your identities, we highly recommend that you use aliases for yourself and anyone involved in your telenovela story. But if you really want to let the whole world know who you are...then by all means, cocoa beans! Also, you don't need to write an epic novel. If you have just a specific scenario or question that you need enlightenment on, we are more than happy to listen!

C'mon now. Don't be shy. I'll even call on our dear friend Stephen Bishop to put you in the mood.

Stephen Bishop - It Might Be You

Kleenex, anyone?


Almost Famous

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I'm doing my "Hammer Time" dance right now because this fruit just got mentioned on the website of THE most prestigious travel magazine ever, Condé Nast Traveler. I was just looking through their articles and I had to rub my eyes and make sure that I wasn't just imagining it, but there it was. I called the boyfriend and told him about it and after which, he got excited as well and replied, " Wow, you just got mentioned on CNN?" Huuuwwhhhaattt? CNN? I said CNT, as in Condé Nast Traveler! Forgot to clean your ears today, hunny buns?

A few years back, the boyfriend and I started a tradition of having high tea wherever we traveled together. Honestly, I'd prefer an afternoon of high tea over a dinner date. There's something just soothing about it and Miguel and I love the fact that we can have a great conversation without having to scream at each other, just so we could make out what we're both trying to say. When we went on a quick vacation to Hong Kong to celebrate one of our "monthsaries", we knew we couldn't pass up the chance to have high tea at the highly acclaimed The Peninsula  hotel. I truly loved the experience that I never cease to recommend it to my friends and family but I was surprised that CNT actually got wind of one of my raves.

Oh how I miss this.

via Condé Nast Traveler

I know it's just a one-liner but quit rollin' your eyeballs and just let the girl be. It's like Barry Manilow waving back at you in a concert...you don't know what to do but you just ride with it. Right? Right!

A mention is a mention is a mention. 

Toodles! =)

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