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So I finally did it. I FINALLY STARTED A BLOG. To be honest, I was a little bit on the pessimistic side about this whole blogging thing. Even the word "blog" kind of makes me cringe. I mean, blogging is like giving anyone and everyone permission to read your thoughts, know what's on your mind ...and TRUST ME, you wouldn't want to know what goes on in my mind at every single minute of every day. At least not after I've had a couple of drinks or when I'm hungry.

If by chance you've come across this blog and know little about me, then here's your chance to know me a little bit better minus the dramatics:

My name is Pears (yup, with an "S". Plural, I know what you're thinking. Why plural? I don't know but read on anyway) and I'm a typical, funny but kinda weird and awkward girl who was born and raised in an awesome city called Cebu. I come from a big family that could easily fill up a whole church pew and put an Italian village to shame. I grew up playing with boy's toys and I mostly spent my time in my younger years climbing up on trees. Apparently, I found out that climbing DOWN is a totally different story so that is why I spent MOST of my time up on trees because I didn't know HOW to come back down from it.

Blame it on that half-naked Jungle book kid..he always made it look so darn easy! He's even got his eyes closed..what a show-off!

One of the most vital parts that you could ever know about me is that I have a nasty sweet tooth, I can't get enough of that good stuff! Aside from that, I'm a pretty normal person. But I haven't been examined thoroughly by a certified physician so I wouldn't take the grade school counselor's word for it!

So what's this blog for or what's it all about? Honestly, I haven't got the slightest clue. It's not really for anything specific. So I suggest to all you folks out there who are actually still reading up to this paragraph, to not to take any of what I say too seriously. Most of the things I'd post is just for pure and light entertainment. Although if I do find the cure for cancer, I might have to retract that statement later, so..you'll never know. That's just how it is..welcome to my life in a fruit basket.

Thanks for reading! =)

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