What I'm Thankful For

There are so many things to be thankful for everyday but this Thanksgiving, here's what I'm thankful for the most:

I'm thankful for the gift of life.
I'm thankful for second, third, fourth chances.
I'm thankful for answered prayers.
I'm thankful for finding compassion from strangers.
I'm thankful for laughter and giggles echoing through a hospital room.
I'm thankful for having nine siblings (6 girls, 3 boys) with totally different personalities--- our childhood memories tend to have different versions but the support I get from these people is simply amazing.
I'm thankful for the gift of having a great sense of HUMOR. I wouldn't have survived the hell that I've been through if I couldn't laugh about every dreary, horrific thing that's ever happened to me.
I'm thankful for being able to remain strong for people who can't be.
I'm thankful for being able to wake up to a snoring 85-pound Akita, he is the living teddy bear that I've always wanted.
I'm thankful for my weight gain, it smooths the wrinkles on my face.
I'm thankful for being loved by a highly-intelligent, extremely patient and faithful man. He's blind as a bat though, and it works for me because he can't check out girls even if he tried! HA!
I'm thankful for having a father who showed me how to treat people right, with respect and dignity. To be humble and realize how small we are in the great scheme of things.
I'm thankful for having bad friends, they make me appreciate the real ones even more.

And I'm thankful for the encouragement and random compliments that I've received for my blog. It is unexpected but greatly appreciated!

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all! May we be learn to be grateful, no matter how imperfect our life may be.

Toodles! :)

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