Canon S100

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Earlier this year, I've finally decided to replace my old Canon with yet another compact camera, and this time I got the Canon Powershot S100. So far, I am LOVING IT. It's no DSLR camera but the quality it produces with that compact body is something definitely worth checking out. I got mine in Matte Black and it simply looks sleek and not too trendy.

The flash pops back in when not in use.

To check out my full review on the Canon S100, simply click on the link below:

It's my first time to write a review as a guest blogger so please be nice =)

Thanks for reading! =)


London Olympics 2012: Hotter Than The Torch

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Well, I'm a sucker for winners and cuties so forgive me for being biased towards TEAM USA =) I may be Filipino but I do carry a blue passport so I might as well show some American love =) HA!

The stunning athletes just make the competition hotter than it already is. There should be a new category to consider in the Olympics, like THE HOTTEST MEDALIST =) Of course, I will be a guest judge and one of the requirements to be able to advance to the next level would have to be strutting around and flexing them muscles, at least for the men. Requiring women to flex their manly muscles is just kinda inappropriate and creepy.

Ryan Lochte - Men's Swimming

Photo Credits: JD Lasica

Ricky Berens - Men's Swimming

Photo Credits: JD Lasica

Nathan Adrian - Men's Swimming... Did the eyes give it away? He's Half Chinese =)

Jake Dalton - Men's Gymnastics

Photo Credits: Emmy

These guys are more than enough reason to even watch the Olympics, who cares about points? I'm okay just watching them do their thang.

I love it when they show the underwater views while the swimmers push themselves from the wall and proceed to do the backstroke or freestyle. It's like they're fish, but men. Mermen. Hmmm... notice my great analytical skills?

Phelp's underwater shot
Photo Credits: Midorisyu

By the way, Australia's got their own swimming team that packs a lot of heat in their own right as well.

Well Hello, Mate!

Did I forget to mention that I'm VERY grateful to the inventor of Speedo's? Genius.

So I guess it's settled. The boyfriend is going to start swimming but we'll have to skip the Speedo's for now.


Let The Games Begin!

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The day has finally come. The familiar trumpets are echoing all throughout London, beckoning the greatest athletes all over the world to gather in one place and showcase their mutant-like abilities. The opening ceremony is one of the most exciting highlights of the Olympics event, since it gives the hosting country the opportunity to show off anything and everything about their country, as millions of viewers will be tuning in to this once-in-four-years exciting event.

Here are the great highlights of the ceremony...

James Bond and Queen Elizabeth

 And later on, the "Queen" parachutes from the helicopter, into the stadium

Mr. Bean is at it again, with the orchestra performing "Chariots of Fire"...


David Beckham driving the speedboat, with athlete Jade Bailey (not shown) clutching the torch...

Image via

Tribute to Sir Tim-Berners Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web...

Image via

Speaking of the tribute, the young star that played "June" was spotted wearing the H&M gold pleated dress that was released, I believe earlier in April.

which I also bought but haven't worn out yet...

I'm Asian so don't mind what seems like an explosion of  house slippers! Ha

Sir Paul McCartney performing 'Hey Jude'...

Image via

Obviously, one of the games that I would have my eyes glued on is the Men's Swimming competition! Hey I'm not a sports enthusiast so I might as well milk the moment for what it's worth! Ha! =) Can you really blame me? Half-naked men with tall lean bodies, toned arms and chiseled abs...Go Michael, you merman, you!

Hmm.. Olympians do have an interesting choice of Speedo's.

via Getty images

TEAM USA is by far, the best dressed. Thanks to Ralph Lauren and China (for manufacturing the uniforms--you can imagine how upset some Americans were when they found out!)

I think the whole opening ceremony was okay, some parts were honestly BLAH. But I think Beijing has truly set a new standard when it comes to the Olympic opening ceremony.

What did you think of the ceremony? Any favorites? Not-so-favorites?

Let the games begin!

Toodles! =)

My Boy, Matthew

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Oh yes, it's time for the guys to roll their eyes once again as I present to you one of God's great creations..and this creation goes by the name of Matthew Goode. You've probably seen him in one of his movies like Chasing Liberty, Match Point, Watchmen and Leap Year.

My favorite so far is his role as a lover of opposite actor Colin Firth in the movie, A Single Man. When I watched the film, I didn't actually realize that this was Tom Ford's directorial debut on the big screen. I did however, notice how the fabulous cast in this movie was very well-put-together. So yea, that totally gave it away!

Anyway, enough about the movie. I'm here to gawk at Matthew Goode. He's so adorable..and he's British. What's better than a hot guy? A hot guy with a British accent, that's what. I think by now you folks have noticed that I'm not really into guys who are super beefed up. I don't like guys who look like they had too much protein shakes and then spend 10 hours at the gym, grunting like they're about to give birth. I like my men lean, not scrawny but toned.

It's raining Matthew Goode!

From his shoot in the January 2010 issue of GQ Magazine..

*giggle* Double damn you Miguel, for making me fall in love with you. I would have been in London chasing this guy and my other boy, Jim. Two is better than one, baby and look what I found...

WAAAAA! *giggle* I have to say it's not a really great angle of Jim but heck, he's still cute!

Hope you folks enjoyed the eye candy! =)

Toodles! =)

Yummy In My Tummy

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Alright I'm gonna make this short. It's a weekday and I am totally spent from work. Seriously my appetite is going haywire on me 'coz I just got In-N-Out TWICE already this week and it's only a Wednesday. The irony of it all is that I actually don't eat burgers, I CAN eat it but I prefer not to. So what did I order today? The usual, and it's actually from the secret menu. If you're a Californian, you would most likely know what I'm talking about.

My animal-style fries (melted cheese, grilled onions and dressing on top of fries) and grilled cheese (like cheeseburger without the beef patty) with grilled onions. Yum!

And this was after 10 minutes...I know, I eat like a dude. What's new?

So yea, I told you I was just going to make this short. I bet you're hungry now, thanks to me!

Toodles! =)

Sky in the Summer

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As you all know by now, I have a big fluffy monster who resides with me in my apartment. Rain or shine, hung over or not, I have to walk him every morning at 8AM for at least 40 minutes. In the summer, it's the worst for me since I have to expose my skin in the scorching heat until this big picky fur ball decides to go finish his business and do a Number 2. (for those who are not familiar with the American connotation, Number 1 is taking a wee and Number 2 is...? Ahhh, now you get it.)

Akita's are generally easy to maintain, they don't need to get a hair cut and they don't stink as much as other dogs do, at least that's my personal experience with Sky. He can go on for more than a month without a bath and he doesn't end up having the usual stench that dogs have. I always thought I'd have that awkward moment with Sky wherein people would be petting him and then they make that "EW Face" after getting a whiff out of him... you know, like this...

Image Credits: cdslug

We live in Southern California, so the daily temperatures can go up to a hundred degrees in the summer time. With Sky's thick fur, a regular fan just won't cut it so I usually have the airconditioning on for him most of the time until it hopefully cools down during night time. The worst part of summer is when he sheds off his under coat..completely. His undercoat is so thick that I could practically sell hundreds of stuffed toys using only his fur. Here is a picture of the fur I've plucked out off him in 5 minutes, without using any grooming tools.

It's so fun, it's like plucking out cotton candy off of him.

Skyler's mad at me for bugging him on his nap time. Sorry Sky, plucking your fur is so addicting! As you can see, it gets a little bit messy with all the fur flying around. Can you spot that one long strand that landed on his face? Haha.

Hopefully he's halfway through on his shedding! His coat is pretty thin and short now, so hopefully he feels cooler despite the scorching heat.

Don't forget, my fellow dog lovers, to make sure that water is ALWAYS available to your pets. Your dog might be dehydrated without even you knowing. I am a busy person and I can't be always there to fill up Sky's bowl, so I bought Sky a large water dispenser since he was a pup. It's just reassuring that his water bowl will never be empty while I am away for 8 hours.

via Petsmart

Also, remember to be mindful when you walk your dog during the day time. Sometimes the pavement can get too hot to walk on and burn your furry baby's paws. This was actually one of the things that I didn't consciously think of when I used to walk sky on a hot day. During one of our walks, he suddenly yelped and did the tippy-toes like we would if we were walking bare-footed.

Despite being able to know how to care for Sky during the summer, I still don't know how to react when I see him like this on the couch...

Do I shoo him away or do I just pretend that I don't see a big furry, shedding dog laying on my couch like he paid for it? Look at that solid gaze!

Have a Happy Monday! =)

Toodles! =)

How To Lose A Guy

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When it comes to snagging a great guy, some women tend to be just utterly clueless. You're a good girl and you don't know why you can't seem to find a keeper or you wonder why he never called back. Let me take a crazy guess, your Facebook status is It's Complicated. I'll have you know that you definitely won't find the answers in a crappy book with a crappy title...He's Just Not That Into You, my @ss. Of course he is, but that slight possibility of him wanting you the way you want him is not gonna fly if you're out there bouncing around like a clueless rabbit without a game plan during hunting season. Except for this bunny of course, he's the only exception.

So ladies, wipe the cookie crumbs off your mouth while I enumerate FIVE COMMON MISTAKES that women make to drive men to run to the hills...Run, B----, run! 

Common Mistake #1: Being too clingy.

How is it exactly to be too clingy? It's when you text your guy and you get mad if he doesn't reply to  you right that instant. It's when you pout and throw a hissy fit when he says that he's going out with the boys for a couple of drinks, which means you sorta kinda have to survive without him around for say, one whole night. Oh, the horror. One whole night? How will you ever survive? Why didn't he want you to come? Are they going to be hooking up with other girls? If you're having coo-coo thoughts like that lingering in your head, STOP RIGHT THERE. Unless there's strong evidence that your man is a conniving little @$$*&(), you've got to have some faith in him, even though he can be such a gorilla at times. Let him breathe. If you give him time to be without you, he'll only realize later on how much he misses you.

Common Mistake # 2: Being crazy jealous.

This is kind of related to common mistake #1 but focuses more on just being plain jealous towards other women in general. I know some men find it cute sometimes when you get a little jealous as a hot long-legged girl passes by but if you find yourself going all Mission Impossible on him by taking his phone and reading all his stored messages and emails while hiding in the bathroom or closet, then you are crazy jealous and could be borderline klepto. Like what I said, if there isn't any strong evidence that your man is in fact, cheating, then you better keep your paws off your man's personal stuff.

Photo Credits: Joeshoe

Sometimes, it doesn't end with the snooping around. Some of you might even be banning your man from hanging out with his girl co-workers and girl best friends. Do not ever place your man in a predicament where you're making your man choose, because if you do..he might end up not choosing you.

Common Mistake #3: Baby Talk/ Baby Voice

For heaven's sake, you are a grown @ss woman wearing high heels and a short dress then you bust out with your baby talk. By doing this, you are only confusing men on how to treat you. He wouldn't know if he's dating a woman or if he's bottle-feeding an infant. Moderation is the key here. You can do a little bit of that sweet talk, preferably alone with him, but you cannot do that for the whole friggin' duration of the public. Can you imagine someone talking to you in a baby voice while discussing about the ongoing crisis of famine and poverty in Africa? "Oh, that is too bad. They made a bad boo-boo. Me no likey. That just makes me so gwumpy and makes me want to cwy." Mother .#&($(*#)#@....

Here, let me put that pacifier on you. It'll be my pleasure.

Photo Credits: LaoWai Kevin

Common Mistake # 4: Playing Hard To Get

I know that it could be exciting to be chased around by a boy that you think to yourself, all you need is a field of wild flowers to run around in and it's a re-enactment of a scene in Twilight.

You say you don't wanna look like you're an easy girl. I'm totally with you on that, but don't pro-long it so much that the romantic cat-and-mouse chase turns into just that...a chase.  Eventually, a guy's going to think you're just playing around (oh yes, guys these days are more emotional than you think. Did you notice they even cry a lot in weddings now?) and will end up waving the white flag. Remember, men are only human. Unless if they glitter when exposed to sunlight, they don't have all the time in the world to wait for you to make up your mind. Either you do or you don't. Either you Shhh or get off the pot.

Common Mistake #5: Playing Puppetry

Your man is not a puppet, he is a man. Don't try to change him into someone that he's clearly not or someone he doesn't want to be. It is only okay to help change your man if he gives his own consent to the transformation. Take for example, Miguel and I. He doesn't really care a lot about dressing up so he gives me the freedom to help him in that area. In the 11 years that we've been together, I have never spent a whole day shopping with him for his clothes. I give him the freedom to buy whatever he feels like in his own time and I just buy other things for him at a separate time. So that way, I don't feel like I'm emasculating him. Imagine me, a 5'5" little girl bossing around a six-foot-tall man..that's just silly...hmm...kinda sounds like fun..but nonetheless, silly. Tee-hee =)

By Jon Tolentino Photography
 (yes, I know I have the string coming out of my dress. I was too busy fixing up my man's suit, so sue me.)

For the sake of your man's manhood, let him make his own decisions...let him be a man. Don't butt in if what he's deciding on has nothing to do with you. If you want a man whom you can control all the time and does everything that you demand him of, then you better buy a leash and a water bowl because you're on your way to getting a dog.


Sky as a pup, with his shaved leg due to an IV drip. =)

Remember, you want the guy to stay with you, not turn gay because of you. Don't give more reasons for men to run away, PMS-ing is already more than enough for them to handle.

Have a happy weekend!

Toodles! =)

My Boy, Jim

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If you're a dude, you might want to skip this post because it's only going to make you say, Oh heck no, I ain't looking at a bunch of pictures with a dude on it. I look better than this guy. Or better yet, you would say He's definitely gay. Isn't it funny that guys say that about hot male celebrities but girls don't say the same thing about the female counterparts? Like take for example, if I see Angelina Jolie or Charlize Theron... I don't say, oh they're so hot but they're probably gay. 

I know it's probably super delayed to react like this towards an actor who's been around for a while. He hasn't really gotten the attention that he deserves but I think he's just adorable. I'm talking about...

Jim Sturgess.

He's no Brad Pitt or Keanu Reeves. He doesn't have Channing Tatum's rock hard abs and well... you know what else. What he does have is this boyish charisma, child-like at its best. He has this sheepish smile that tells you he's up to no good but he gets away with it. He actually starred as the brother of the Boleyn girls in The Other Boleyn Girl. He is highly noted for the role as Jude Feeny in the musical,  Across The Universe. If you're a Beatles fan, I'm sure you're familiar with it. Oh yes, this boy can sing too! 

Jim singing in Across the Universe...

The reason why I mentioned him is because I just saw him in the romantic movie based on a best-selling British novel with opposite star, Anne Hathaway called One Day on HBO. I think any romantic movie with a British accent just always sounds more... romantic. Ha! Basically it's a story about two friends and what happens in between in the span of 20 years. Oh my gosh, it's hard to make this guy look old(er). If you haven't seen this move yet, it's one not to miss. It's got a nice plot but I just didn't agree with the writer on how it ended. It is realistic though, so you be the judge. Plus, you get to see this cutie for an hour or so. Win-win, non? =)

See that sheepish smile? Always gets me. Always! *giggle like a little school girl*

Jim Sturgess in One Day
Here he is in an interview with Jimmy know those dudes that are hot but they don't think they're hot..oh man, it makes them even hotter!

*sigh* Damn you, Miguel for making me fall for you. I would have been in London stalking with this cutie if I didn't meet you.

*one more giggle before I go* *giggle*

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