Fashion Week Spring 2015: LONDON

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London may not be showing as much designers as its other counterparts but that doesn't stop the endless energy and creativity that is evidently shown on the runway! They had some notable shows and Erdem is definitely one of my faves this season.

Here are my top picks:

Erdem Dark, intricate and dreamy. If I ever get lost in a lush, dark jungle, I can always count on this collection to keep me on my fashion toes while running away from those that go bump in the night! 

Marchesa Wing tip collars, vest tops and fringes make a nice surprise appearance in Marchesa's Spring collection.

Antonio Berardi Silk+ Berardi = Match made in fashion heaven! 

David Koma Koma's collection is definitely an architectural wonder with the strong presence of geometric lines and sheer panels!

Jonathan Saunders What a delight to see a lot of comfy cotton numbers and wrapped bow waist lines paired with grommet-filled boots and sandals.

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Fashion Week Spring RTW 2015: NEW YORK

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Well hello, my dear minions! I apologize that I've been kind of M.I.A. lately but the adorable boyfriend is paying me a visit (evident by significant weight gain, ofcourse!) and I've been busy with work and familial obligations in between, so you already know it's crazier than the usual crazy. Anyhoo, fashion week waits for no one so let's go ahead and dive into the best looks from the Spring RTW 2015 runways. I don't want to overwhelm you with so much in one post so I'm going to break my posts down per city, starting with New York.

Here are some of my favorites so far:

Proenza Schouler Totally lovin' that androgynous vibe with the Glen plaid peak-lapel coat!

Reem Acra Lovin' the paradox of a low cut neckline paired with a conservative cardigan.

Oscar de la Renta Spring has sprung, and Oscar de la Renta knows how to dress up a woman with every shape, size and color of a blossoming flower.

Alexander Wang Sleek and athletic. I can't stop staring at this monochromatic grey ensemble.

Delpozo The silhouettes are easy breezy, they look so comfortable that you could probably sleep in it---except you won't because that would be a complete waste of beautiful fabric!

Hervé Léger by Max Azria It's amazing how Max & Azria could improve with their designs without losing the infamous body-con image. I am loving the long-sleeved ones that flare just enough at the bottom.

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The Return of Dunkin'

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If you haven't heard the news yet, Dunkin' Donuts just made its debut back into the West Coast through its first store in Santa Monica (it's on Wilshire Blvd. so it's pretty hard to miss). I grew up eating Dunkin' Donuts in the Philippines so I'm glad that the well-loved doughnut shop in the East Coast is gracing us with its presence, right here in sunny California!

Word to the wise: Don't go during the weekend, the lines are insane.

Luckily my brother and boyfriend checked it out again on a weekday and the line was significantly shorter.

Guess how many doughnuts I can eat in 60 seconds?

These are freakin' awesome...but where are my Munchkins? Hmm...

Toodles! :)


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While residing here in California, I've experienced a rather peculiar phenomena---I have been randomly crossing paths with animals that needed to be rescued. To date, I have rescued: A ferret (yes, like those cool creatures in the movie, The Beastmaster), a long-haired Chihuahua, a short-haired Chihuahua and now...a rabbit! On a side note, I've also fed a stray Pit Bull for a couple of months that randomly walked with me and Sky everyday (until the humane society caught her), and I've fed a family of stray dogs that were living in a church parking lot. Imagine if I owned a huge chunk of land, I would house all the animals and have the biggest, most random habitat ever!

Here is Sonic, the ferret.

About five nights ago, I happened to spot two white rabbits hopping around while I was walking with Sky at the park. And after taking a closer look, I noticed that they were the domesticated kind (one was skittish, the other was pretty chill). Unfortunately, I could not find the skittish rabbit after the first night so I quickly decided to rescue the poor bunny that got left behind before Bambi and friends the stray cats or hawks get to it first. Aside from the fact that I totally looked like a looney Asian (oh, the redundancy) crouching and talking to some random bushes for 30 minutes AT THE PARK---AT NIGHT, the rescue was successful.

Anyway, I sought for help and wisdom from my friend named Google and it looks like my new furry friend is a Lionhead Rabbit. Believe me, I was THIS close to calling it MUFASA...THIS close. Nah, let's just call it Bugsy, 'coz it looks like a Bugsy, doesn't it? I was curious to check out the sex of Bugsy too but once I found out that I had to flip over the bunny and tinker around its genitals, I'm gonna have to pass. No thanks, let's just call Bugsy an IT...a he-she. I ain't going near a bunny's genitals, is what I'm sayin'.


I don't really know anything about taking care of bunnies but I had to at least figure out the essentials, so I went to PetSmart and had an associate help me pick out the basic stuff that I needed for Bugsy.

Cage/Habitat  Rabbits need a good amount of space to hop around, so I got the All Living Things rabbit home to ensure that Bugsy won't feel squished inside his new home. The price was a bit steep at $104.99 but I got a $25 off coupon so it came down to $79.99! Yey! I think it's worth it because the cage is  very spacious, it comes with a food bowl, it's equipped with wheels to easily maneuver the cage and it has a detachable base for easy cleaning.

Hay Always have hay available for bunnies to nibble on, it helps with their digestion and overall health. There are different types of hay but Timothy Hay seems to be popular with rabbit owners, so I got the Kaytee All Natural Timothy Hay.

 Pellets Aside from fresh fruits and vegetables, rabbits also feed on pellets to have a balanced diet. I'm trying out Vitakraft Vita Smart and so far, Bugsy seems to like it. Although with further research, I found out that Oxbow is a really reliable brand for rabbit food too, so I might try 'em out once this bag is finished.

Toys Since rabbits like to chew a lot, they need toys that they could both play with and chew on. If this was about Skyler's toys, I'd be able to pick it out in 5 minutes. But rabbit toys? Uhhhh...Eff it, I just got this pack of veggie wood chew by All Living Things and we'll see how it goes.

There are still things that are missing on this list and I'm working on getting them---like a water bottle (because my stingy hiney wanted to just use a plastic bowl and Bugsy ended up kicking it around), a litter box, and a little bed or mat where Bugsy can comfortably lay on.

Look a those long black eye lashes and impressively styled fringe on Bugsy's head! Andy Warhol, is that you?

Welcome to the family, Bugsy!

Yes I know it's ridiculous to talk about a rabbit while Fashion Week is going on but I think this one is well worth the distraction, ain't it? :)


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