VS Swim Special 2015

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Okay... so the geniuses in Victoria's Secret decided to give us the MAJOR ego torment not once, but TWICE a year, now that they've come up with the very first Victoria's Secret Swim Special featuring all our favorite VS models and a look behind the scenes while they shoot for the 2015 swim catalog and more in Puerto Rico.

Oh hey, that's just great. Prance around with your perfect tan and your perfect hair and your long perfect legs, why don't ya? Speaking of perfect, I don't think anyone can bash these girls for looking great. They look fit and healthy and you can't throw the Photoshop excuse...so let's just admire them, shall we?

Image via vspressroom.com
Candace Swanepoel is an alien. Do not attempt to look like her, it's just impossible. 
Click here to stream the show online! You're welcome, boys and girls.

And now I shall contemplate about this cream cheese danish. Should I have just one? Or go all the way and give in to two? Times like these, I need a dose of WWCD--- What Would Candance Do.


Fruit Fashion Files: New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2015

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February is always a chicken dance delightful month for me. Why? Fashion Week, that's why. 

New York Fashion Week, also known as the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, just wrapped up with its final show for the Fall/Winter 2015 collections. The most prominent trend among them are fringes and feathers. These details may seem over the top if not executed properly but we all know that everything is always good in moderation.

Here are some of some of my favorites:

Tadashi Shoji ventures into sleek and modern silhouettes and he doesn't disappoint.

Rebecca Minkoff rocks out with leather pants, over-the-knee boots and lots of attitude.

Reem Acra This collection is probably my fave among all the NY shows...maybe because Reem Acra hits the nail on the head when it comes to using multimedia materials (e.g. lace, leather, feathers in one piece). Or it could be because the collection is dripping in Victorian-inspired fashion (my ultra fave)---oh, and check out that black gown with the crystal encrusted sleeves! *Drool, wipe, drool*

Ralph Lauren gets chic and cozy with wide-brimmed hats, comfy cashmere dresses, suede panels, and fringed handbags and cardigans.

Nicole Miller teaches us a thing or two (or three or four) on mixing prints. Prints after prints after prints!

Anna Sui is definitely not afraid of color. Ever wonder what a sassy little Bohemian girl would wear during winter? This is it.

Hervé Léger by Max Azria (and wife) are at it again. It's amazing how this dynamic duo can whip up something different but never strays away from the essence of the iconic bandage dress.

Donna Karan has gone to the dark side and I want her to stay there. This is like my ultimate dream wardrobe--- filled with black, midnight blue and the darkest grey ever...and maybe a wee bit hint of color, here and there.

all photos via style.com
Next up, London! Sashay, Shante.


Ash Wednesday

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As I was sashay shantey-ing my way around town, I was getting a lot of comments from people who were kind enough to point out that I had "dirt" on my forehead. After explaining to the nth person  that I wasn't rolling around mud but in fact, I am Catholic and it is ash from Ash Wednesday, I realized that not everyone knows what this tradition is about.

I'll spare you the holier than thou babble but for the sake of educating those who do not practice it, Ash Wednesday marks the start of Lent, and the purpose of Lent is to take the time for atonement, prayer and penance before the celebration of Jesus' resurrection on Easter Sunday. Putting the ash in the shape of the cross on the forehead signifies repentance of sin, and the general abstinence of meat every Friday is observed. Nowadays people abstain from something that they like to indulge in, aside from meat...like breaking a hard habit (smoking, etc.), or giving up other indulgences like ice cream or Facebook (yes, people really do it.) for Lent.

When the ashes are placed, the priest says, "Remember that you are dust, and to dust you shall return." It's a lot to take in but it also makes you reflect and be contemplative of how precious life is, how everything has a beginning and an end. I think about what I have done so far, the good and the bad---which of them will I be remembered by when I am gone? Have I apologized for the bad things that I've done? I know it's hard to say sorry, what more to ask forgiveness for our sins---but we gotta do it to better ourselves. You don't have to be a Catholic or a Christian to understand this feeling because I know we all seek for the same answers to the same questions.

Say hello to my fat fingers.

I say not eating bacon in exchange for Jesus dying for us is the least that I could do. Oh crispy bacon, do not tempt me.


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