PetSmart: Skyler's Stash

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Most of us know that one of the best things about three-day (holiday) weekends in the U.S. is the fact that merchandisers and retailers lure you in with deep discounts and promos. It doesn't only apply to humans, mind you, but also to our beloved pets as well. I, for one, am not complaining since having a pet costs a lot. 

Here's a fun fact: Buying Skyler's groceries easily costs two times more than mine---Don't even get me started with the grooming and vet bills!

I signed up for PetSmart's free PetPerks membership and e-mail list so they can easily notify me on any great deals. Skyler and I are lucky enough to have two PetSmart locations close by and best of all, he gets to come and shop around with me!

Buy 2, Get 1 Free on all toys. This offer was hard to pass up since they were doing this promo including the clearance toys. I got Skyler two squeaky ones (which he will probably out-squeak in 2 minutes) that were marked down to $2.09 each (one of which ended up free with the promo), and the Snoopy one (which he will probably decapitate in 30 seconds) was marked down from $12.99 to $9.09

Thank God I snapped the photo right away 'coz someone was apparently eyeing on Snoopy...

I also stocked up on some of his treats, and all of them were discounted!

From Top Left: Purina Pro Plan Savor Hearty Rewards; Dentley's Rawhide Stuff Rolls; Milk-Bone

If you're going to shop this weekend, check your receipt 'coz I got a lot of great coupons on it including $5 off on any grooming services and they have one that's $5 off when you spend $30, $10 off when you spend $50 and $25 off when you spend $100 on your next purchase!

As you can tell, Sky is very excited. Like, so excited...

Enjoy your Labor Day weekend, America!


Fashion 5-0: Back in the Closet

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Trends are fleeting, and it does even more in an accelerated speed in the fashion world. What's hot this season could be shunned in the next, that's why I always encourage my readers to be more discerning about which fads to give in to and which ones to absolutely avoid like your stalker ex the plague. I'm not saying that you have to give up these things altogether but it's best to put them in the backburner for now, at least until the fashion Gods say it's okay to unleash them back into the wild.

High-Low dresses I'm just going to say this...Hi-Lo hemlines don't look favorable with people who have elephant knees a.k.a ME. I tried 'em and I just looked like Dumbo in a dress, all I was missing was some big flappy ears. If you don't have toned legs, this is not a flattering silhouette for you.

Nha Khanh via
Instead, invest in a Fit and Flare dress. They come in different skirt lengths and looks great with short sleeves, 3/4 sleeves and sleeveless. This silhouette is great overall since it cinches on the waist and flares out to the bottom, giving you lots of freedom to move and leave you worry-free as you make your way down to the buffet line...Kumbaya, indeed.

Ted Baker via
Wedge Sneakers Yeah, I never cared for this one. It looked cute on long-legged models but they remind me of skater shoes and I absolutely think skater shoes are an abomination.

Isabel Marant via
Instead, go for the High-Top sneakers that have great added details such as leather trimming, buckles, studs, grommet, etc. for an edgier casual look.

Giuseppe Zanotti via
Peplum dresses This is really a no-brainer. Peplum tops and jackets are cute but those attached on a dress have overstayed their welcome since 2-3 seasons ago. 

RED Valentino via
Instead, try wearing mix prints and bold (or bold floral) prints to spice up your wardrobe!

Mary Katrantzou via
Elle Sasson via
Mirrored Lens Sunglasses Sure, they're colorful and playful to wear. But this style of sunglasses just can't survive for more than one season. It has had its spotlight in the 90's when Oakley's were all the rage but the comeback of the mirrored lens is inevitably short-lived so calm your caramels, Cyclops.

Rayban via
Instead, try some transparent frames in different colors to hide the most serious case of hangovers.

Dior via
Gucci via
Don't get me wrong---I am not against trends. In fact, some trends can be so fabulous that they end up coming back for many seasons to come! But if you want your trendy clothes to survive for more than just one season, one must learn how to control when and how often to take that trendy piece out for a spin. Still got a peplum top that you want to wear? Pair it up with some slim cropped pants and single strap heels instead of a skirt and platform pumps to freshen the look. 

Be inventive, you'll never know what you'll come up with.


Feel Good Friday

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Hey folks, remember when I cut my Rapunzel hair and donated it for a cancer patient? Well, I just got the acknowledgement letter from Pantene that they've received it! I was feeling a bit down in the dumps today so this definitely lifted my spirits, knowing that someone out there is going to have a moment of happiness just because someone else did something so simple such as cutting off one's hair.

Yes, Mary is really my first name and... then some.

Mind you, I'm not sharing this so I can prance around about being charitable. I want to use this to inspire other people, to realize that giving wholeheartedly is such a selfless act that nourishes the soul, no matter how big or small you perceive the act to be.

Remember, it takes less effort to be good than to be bad.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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