Heart Break Hotel

While engagement announcements, weddings and ultrasound pictures grace my Facebook page daily, there are still some good friends of mine who are currently braving the cold and brutal games of dating. It's actually funny that I sometimes look for the feeling of heart ache once in a while, just to be able to relate to heart break songs. Trust me, before I went off to La La Land with Miguel, I had my own fair share of heart aches and sleepless nights.. staring at the ceiling, wondering if THAT GUY would at least send me a text message. I keep checking my phone just to make sure that I didn't miss the text message alert go off. Sometimes I even think I hear the beep go off but nope, no new message. I wonder when he's gonna text me. Should I text him first or is that going to make me look desperate? Wait. What if I call him, hang up and text him "Oops sorry I think my phone dialled your number by accident" and see if he'll reply. That way, it'll look like I'm NOT DESPERATE. 'Coz I'm not. Right? Right.

I tell my boyfriend about how I strangely sometimes like to humor myself by reminiscing those good ol' days of dating and all that drama, it's like living in a soap opera. Who's chasing who? Love triangles are never exciting enough compared to love quadrangles. One guy likes the other girl who likes another guy who actually likes the girl who's with the guy who's in love with the other girl. WHAT?!

I love how movies like these encourage children to skip school and turn into a vampire instead or  better yet, a wet dog... I mean wolf. Nice.

Oh snaps! She didn't just post a Twilight picture on her blog. Uh-uh. *snap* *snap*

I salute my friends who stay true and vigilant in finding true love despite being left with bruises and battle scars. But for now, let's crank up the volume, spike that juice and use them vocal cords. This one's for the single ladies (and gentlemen) who've been through or are still going through heart aches,who haven't found true love...and for those who have, just shut your pie hole 'coz nobody likes a party pooper sing along anyway. Cheers!

Robyn- Dancing On My Own Sounds so good but it hurts so bad.

Cake- I Will Survive Awesome cover by one of my favorite bands. Originally sung by Gloria Gaynor. This is like the ultimate "dust yourself off" song ever. Non?

One Republic- Apologize Don't you love it when you get the chance to say TOO LATE? Game over, baby! 

Whitney Houston- It's Not Right, But It's Okay..."Don't you dare come running back to me" You tell 'em girl! *snap* Whitney's got the baddest leather dress ever!

Fleming and John - Ugly Girl This song will never get old. Doesn't it make you wanna dress up and strut your stuff around your ex and that ugly girl? Ha!


All is fair in love and war..so hit 'em where it hurts.. =) 


  1. Nice collection of martyr songs, but what about THE HURT by Kalapana? For the boys who earned their battle scars... fighting for love :P Cheesy.


    1. You are such an EMO! hahahaha. I do love that song as well though!

  2. great post!!!

    1. Thanks Kim! Your fashion blog is awesome! =)Cheers!

  3. I saw a typo the part where you said the dating game is cold and brutal...I think you meant to say it for the engagement, weddings and babies piece. The dating game is fun and exciting... with no " my kid/husband/wife is a budding psychopath" type problems. HAHAHAHAHA.

    President of the CIA
    (Commitment Issues Anonymous)

    1. Aha! The dating game is fun and exciting because you're the heartbreaker and not the heart breakee! hehehe! =)

  4. My heart gets broken...but it's made of ice...so when I breaks I just take a new one out of the freezer. hahaha. I seriously need therapy

    1. I'm available Monday thru Thursday, 10am-3pm. HA! And for you baby, it's for freeeeee! =))


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