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I think I was really meant to be born as a dude. Back then, I remember I used to mimic my brother (yep, the big guy who used to stand outside my house, waiting for me to come home from bar-hopping with friends ), even his taste in music. The fact that the boyfriend and I share a similar appreciation of music, especially alternative rock, made me all giddy when we were just barely starting to date each other. He even took advantage of the moment and eagerly showed me that he was quite an experienced drummer...touche, Miguel, touche. 

Anyway, here are some of my fave rock bands from back in the 90's...

Soundgarden - Black Hole Sun

Live - I Alone ...Miguel's fave band of all time =)

Stone Temple Pilots - Plush

Foo Fighters - The Best Of You...This one's a newer song but I've loved this band since back then. I honestly raise the volume up to this song, especially when I'm having a bad day hehehe.

Blind Melon - No Rain....Imagine if I wore that little girl's costume this Halloween, pudgy and all =)

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Give It Away

Radiohead - Creep... You're so effin' specciiiaaallllll ! =)

Wow, sorry I bet this post was a pain to load!

Ever wonder what would happen if these guys all ganged up on Justin Bieber and his freakishly school girl features? Yeesh.



  1. I wanna watch a Live gig before I die... that would be a lifetime's worth of entertainment...

    JB on the other hand provides me with 30 secs worth of enjoyment tops... here's why:

    1. You guys close? You call him JB. I can call him the butch.


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