Chanel Haute Couture: Spring 2015

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Chanel is definitely bringing the haute in Haute Couture as Karl Lagerfeld updates some classic looks with fringed tweed, cropped tops and jackets, floral appliques and sheer gloves in Chanel's Spring/Summer Haute Couture 2015 show. At the Grand Palais (Paris), where the show was held at, Lagerfeld explains that he wanted something light and graceful, thus the playful use with chiffon. The pieces are made seamless (Wow.) and the details are so intricate, which makes it even a more coveted collection!

Here are my favorite picks:

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Check out the whole collection here. Which ones are your favorites?

Sashay, Shante!


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If I was even half a decent writer, I would write an epic novel about my Dad and his real-life adventures. I mean, we're talking about spies, barons, dictators, castles---yes, castles!--- let's throw in the seven dwarfs for good measure and call it a party.

During the prime of his career, he missed out on some recitals and school presentations, but I never felt a tinge of neglect. He could be flying from two different cities in a day but still manage to get home just in time for dinner and be excited about the most mundane things like a new pair of socks that I just purchased in the mall. He never told me what to do but he always led by example---He showed me to be compassionate to those who needed it the most, to choose my battles (and weapons!) wisely, to never dignify pompous questions with an answer, to be passionate about doing the right thing even if it can be the most difficult thing to do, to be able to find humor amid grave predicaments, to turn to God for guidance and thanksgiving... and randomly, how to survive winter in Cambridge, Massachusetts (he went to Harvard Law right after I was born).

Happy Birthday to my first love and sometimes, my favorite frenemy. 

Check out all that sass!

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Shoe Hero: Vince Camuto

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In memory of a talented and business-savvy designer, who is nothing less of a godsend to women's shoe dreams.

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His legacy will live on through the many brands that he has breathed life into. 

My hats off to you, sir.


Everybody's Free To Wear Sunscreen

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God knows I need a little pick-me-up today. Who knew it would be from an essay that was turned into a song by Baz Luhrmann? Who knew Baz Luhrmann (guy from Moulin Rouge, The Great Gatsby) had a song? Why am I asking a gazillion questions today?

I remember I heard this song back when I was in high school and I was like, what is this guy babbling about sunscreen for? I was too busy thinking about pertinent things that a high school girl had to deal with, like should I or shouldn't I be shaving my legs since all the other girls were starting to do it---thankfully I discovered that my legs, in fact, had no hair to shave off so that worked out pretty darn well for me.

Even though this essay was made over a decade ago, the values still ring true today.

The author, Mary Schmich, was unequivocally right about wearing sunscreen. Do not leave home without it or you will get more wrinkles faster than a prune.


Current Obsession: Capes

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It's a bird, it's a's a dude flying around with a cape and wearing his underwear OVER his tights. Only Christopher Reeve can pull off that kinda shiz, seriously. Ever since I saw Lupita Nyong'o with that immaculate Ralph Lauren cape dress, I've been kinda obsessing about everything cape

From comfy, laid back cashmere... (I'm just drooling thinkin' about Loro Piana!)


Loro Piana

The Row

To fabulous detailed pieces...

Junya Watanabe


Giambattista Valli


 Saint Laurent 


Dolce and Gabbana

The back view.

I wouldn't mind saving the world with that Dolce and Gabbana number. I promise not to wear granny panties OVER it.


New Year's Resolution: Money Matters

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So you've got your New Year's resolution. We've all heard it more charitable, exercise more, eat healthier food, take more vacations and so on. But when it comes to saving money for a rainy day, our piggy banks resemble more of a skinny coyote rummaging for scraps. I am no financial expert of sorts but I'd like to share with you some tips that I've been following through to help manage my own finances better.

1. Eat out less. This is a difficult one, even for me. I love trying out new places to eat and I get lazy during weekdays that I end up eating out for lunch, plus it's nice to enjoy the camaraderie with co-workers while eating out during lunch breaks but sometimes that takes a silent but deadly beating to your savings. Instead, bring packed meals like salads (I get mine at Trader Joe's) to work and pick out one day of the week to eat out, aside from special occasions.

2. Wait for shops to go on sale. Unless you're eyeing on items that never go on sale like a Louis Vuitton, Hermes or Chanel purse, that thing that you're itching to buy at full price will DEFINITELY go on sale, so be patient. Stores usually need to push items off the shelves by the end of each season (or each month!) so keep a close watch during those times. Better yet, befriend a sales associate/manager to get the latest scoop on markdowns and sales or simply sign-up for their mailing list!

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3. Choose Quality OVER Quantity. This is pretty much a supplement to #2. Just because it's ON SALE, it doesn't mean that you should buy it. I know it's cheap, it's 70% off, it's buy one get one free---but are you really going to use it or is it going to end up into the deepest darkest crevices of your closet? One time, I came across such great steals from Prada but the prints were so hideous and the fit wasn't right...but it's still a Prada so I should just buy it, right? Wrong. Remember, there will always be something better every season. If you're having second thoughts, skip it and your wallet will thank you for it.

4. Credit cards can be your friend or your worst nemesis. Pay your balance in full every month--- if you can't do that, it only means that you cannot afford to make these purchases. Your credit card should be something to fall back on in case of emergencies like hospitalizations, travel emergencies, etc. Get a card that fits your lifestyle and rewards you for it. For example, if you're a frequent flier, it's best to opt for a card that offers great rewards on travel purchases such as airline tickets, hotel accommodations, etc.

5. Upgrade your electronics only when you really have to. You don't need to buy the newest iPhone or Samsung Galaxy or MacBook Air if you just bought one a year ago. How different can the latest one be from the previous model? Does the latest one have an app to (discretely!) scratch your butt for you? If the answer is yes, then I want to know where you got it 'coz I want one, pronto! 

I know these tips seem rather simple but the key to successfully save money is having self-control. You can always say you'll save and never dip your hands into your savings account but something will always come up because, well...that's life. God forbid something catastrophic happens, you better have some financial cushion to break the fall. So before making that purchase, ask yourself: Can I really afford it? And even if I can, will it be a good investment?

If managing your finances is too much for you, scrap this whole article and put your hoochie heels on, 'coz you're about to dig some gold, gold diggah! Just keeeding.


The New Year

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Happy 2015, minions!

While I'm trying to figure out ways to enhance my blog, here's a Chill Pill to help you nurse your New Year's Eve hangover!

New Year 2015 by P F on Grooveshark

Hang tight for improvements on the blog! Now, put down the beer bottle and work on your New Year's resolution which you will totally ditch in a week or two.

Toodles! :)

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