Rockin' With The Black Keys

Childhood buddies Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney a.k.a. The Black Keys are probably the best duo that's ever come out of Ohio. I can't really point out what kind of rock music they play. It's like a mix of alternative, indie, blues and folk music. Dan Auerbach sings and plays the lead guitar while Patrick Carney does the drums. And since they are a duo, Carney interestingly doesn't hide in the back like most drummers do, but shares the front part of the stage equally with his band mate.

The Black Keys played at the newly-renovated, The Forum, located in Inglewood, California. I'm not gonna lie, the trip to the venue could make you feel a little squeamish since you have to pass through shady parts of the city so make sure you don't make a wrong turn or you'll have yourself quite an interesting night to talk about.

The boyfriend and I arrived early enough to find a good parking spot (don't forget to bring cash for the parking fee!) and get ourselves situated inside where we were only a couple of feet away from the stage! 

Jake Bugg opened for the night--- he's got a very unique, Bob Dylan/ Johnny Cash kinda thing going on and he's very talented with a guitar too! Here's a clip of him singing "Two Fingers". You guys should check out his albums Jake Bugg or Shangri La.

Ladies and gentlemen, The Black Keys.

Auerbach is pure genius with a guitar. In fact, I think he switched between at least three different ones during the show.

Dan came out with a denim jacket on but once the adrenaline kicked in, he took it off after a song or two.

With the pianist and back-up vocals in the background.

When the crowd wanted an encore, everyone busted out their phones and made what seemed like a dark sky filled with thousands of bright stars! Very cool!

Carney (the drummer) is so adorable, he's like this quiet guy with thick glasses who only gets crazy when he's on the drums, so much so that he keeps losing his glasses during the show.

You see the specs on...

And then you don't...

Concerts are just too much to handle for this little Canon of mine. It takes great photos for a compact camera, but the audio especially in a concert? Fuhgeddaboutit! So just like what I say on my previous concert posts, please excuse the awful audio and don't be discouraged by it because they sound truly freakin' awesome live!

Don't forget to select 720p HD and up so the video looks better! :)

Howlin' For You

Lonely Boy

Tighten Up

Their cover for Edywn Collins' Never Met a Girl


Little Black Submarines

This night was quite surreal for me, as Miguel and I have always bonded with music, especially rock music. And now, we've finally watched our first rock concert together, in a Black Keys concert, no less!

Watching a rock concert while holding hands with the boyfriend, surrounded by teenager couples with raging hormones practically licking each other's faces off...that's what's up.

Toodles! :)

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