Random Perks of America: VS and Best Buy

There are many things that one can enjoy while living in the U.S., especially when it comes to the shopping perks. Tourists come by the thousands to not only come and see the sights, but to get more bang for their buck as well (especially if your currency is the EURO). It's really hard not to shop around when all you see are discounts on top of discounts and sometimes all it takes is just to sign up for your favorite store's mailing list and you can start getting coupons and discounts or better yet, FREE STUFF. Oh stop rolling your eyes and don't be a snob, everybody likes free stuff.

I'm always excited to check the mail because sometimes I get cool stuff just like this:

I get the Victoria's Secret perks for being an Angel's Card holder (credit card) and depending on the points you accumulate, you can receive a lot of 10 dollar gift cards in the mail.  Not bad, right? I get these coupons (shown above) at least once a month so you're looking at 12 free undies a year! =) That can only prove one thing...I don't have to do side A, side B on my undies! Or as my siblings would say, maybe even side C... I have yet to discover this side C that they talk about...Ha!

I went to Best Buy (huge electronics company in the U.S.) as well today because I received some reward certificates that I could use towards any purchase in the store or online. I got these certificates when I signed up for their free rewards program, so I was able to accumulate some points when I purchased my laptop and my camera this year. I needed a sleeve for my laptop so the certificates just came at a perfect time.

And just my luck, Best Buy was running one of their great deals on the sleeves that I wanted to purchase so I got it for 50% off plus I used my certificates. Guess how much I ended up spending? 70 cents. Yup, you read that right. 70 freakin' cents! To think that the sleeve's original price is $50!

You're probably wondering what the heck those random things are on top of the sleeve. Those were the stuff that I quickly grabbed by the register because I had to use up the whole amount of the certificate and the sleeve was worth less than that so...hello, chocolates (and chapstick). Shhh...Please don't tell Mom and Dad about the chocs! =)

Here's a better shot of the sleeve...Nice, right?

Even if you don't live in the U.S., it doesn't hurt to join one of those free rewards programs that your favorite shop/store/restaurant may offer. It's sometimes just fun to see what kind of free stuff you could get out of it. If there's one thing that you've probably figured out through my blog, it's that I am very easy to please. Buy me something so random like a pair of socks and that'll probably be one of the highlights of my day. No, really, I would be glad if you bought me socks 'coz I keep losing the other half  in the dryer, where does the other half really go? 

It sounds kinda pathetic but I seem to find happiness in small, random things.

So yeah, my day wasn't so bad...how was yours?

Toodles! =)

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