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Hey folks! Remember my previous post about the upcoming semi-annual sale at Bath and Body Works? Well, I was off from work today so I bee-lined to the mall to see what's up. I'm happy to share with you that I got some pretty good deals and if you have the time, you should head over there to check out them out, too.

I am a sucker for their hand washes and I was able to snag a couple of 'em for a great price! These scents are definitely a must-have!

L-R: Provence Garden, Mediterranean Lemon, Mandarin Citron, Wild Poppies, Peach Bellini, Mango Hibiscus. All of these are $3 (original $6.50) each, except for the Peach Bellini which was priced at $2.50 (original $5.50).

I also got some of the hand washes in the Deep Cleaning version. These were $3 (original $6.50) each as well.

L-R: Mandarin Citron, Caribbean Escape, Provence Garden, Cucumber Melon, Wild Poppies

I stocked up on some cute little anti-bacterial hand gels and I got them at 5 for $5 (original $1.75). I purchased a little bit more than 10 of them but they said that once you hit 5, all the anti-bacs are a dollar each even if it's not an exact group of 5. I also got the True Blue Spa Super Softening Hand Lotion ($18.50 for 5 fl. oz.), their entire collection is buy 2, get 1 free, so I bought two for myself and gave one to my brother. I have to say, this hand lotion is really worth it. You only need a little bit of it and your hands will feel soft and supple right after you apply it on your hands.

L-R: Island Nectar, Perfect Beach Day, Island Margarita, Garden Strawberries, Wild Poppies, True Blue Spa Super Softening Hand Lotion (Paraffin)

They have all sorts of promos in the store like $3 body washes and body lotions, and they have a section that was marked down to 75% off. It really pays to sign up for their email offers because I was able to use my brother's online coupon of $10 off any $40 purchase! So some of my stuff ended up like I got 'em for free...and you know me, I love me some freebies! Hahaha. ;)

If you want to stock up on your favorites or try out their products, this is really the best time to do so! 

Hand washes really get me excited! Heck, great bargains always get me excited! Notice all the exclamation points?! Don't worry, I'll calm down in an hour or so. Where's my chamomile?


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