Sweater VS. Sweatshirt

Mmmk minions, this is another public service announcement to help you not sound like an idiot broaden your knowledge on the distinct difference between a sweater and a sweatshirt.

This is a SWEATER (also known as a jumper, in British English). It is a knitted garment that is typically made out of wool but could be made with other types of fabrics such as cashmere (my fave!), cotton and synthetic fibers.

They can be in a form of a cardigan..

RED Valentino

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Or cropped..


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Or oversized/ relaxed..


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Or with prints..

Ted Baker

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Now this is a SWEATSHIRT. It is typically made out of cotton fleece (smooth on the outside, nappy on the inside) and can be worn with a hood or a zipper. They are known to be made of a heavier layer of fabric to induce sweating, thus, usually used by athletes or for exercising. To easily spot them, sweatshirts are commercially used by organizations and institutions, such as universities or sports teams, to proudly carry their symbols or logos. They are considered very casual but in recent times, they've been revamped by fashion designers to make them more acceptable to wear out.

The casual version.

Michael Kors

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If you see a small V patch on the collar and banded hems, you've got yourself a sweatshirt.


The more trendy, revamped versions...

With beads/fringe trims by Lanvin

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Floral-scarf print by Givenchy

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Leather-block by Reed Krakoff

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Pretty easy to distinguish, right?
Now go and run around town like a crazy person spread the good word.


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