My Boy, Nicholas

Remember that cute gawky kid from About A Boy?

Photo courtesy via
Yeah, he grew up. And he's a bit of a major hottie now. You may know him as "Beast" from the X-Men movies or that romantic zombie from Warm Bodies or Jennifer Lawrence's best accessory.

*Le sigh*

Here he is, in a double-breasted Gucci suit. Good lawd!

Resistance is futile with this guy's crazy translucent blue eyes. 

Tom Ford even took notice of him, as Nicholas had a role in Ford's film, "A Single Man" (must-watch!).

And he was the golden boy for Ford's Spring 2010 eye wear collection.

He could make a great antagonist, don't you think? Blue velvet. Yum.

A portrait of Nicholas and Tom Ford for Elle.

Photo courtesty: Elle by Art Steiber
Ladies, you're welcome. And men, put a (well-fitted) suit on once in awhile.


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