Swimfan: NY Fashion Week


Yup, that's right. Time to egg your own PC's because I am not over Nathan Adrian just yet. So here's the plan, before you call the mental asylum why don't we summon 20,000 people so this dude could strut around his Speedo. I mean, who are we to stop him from just wearing a Speedo? Let the man be. *big grin*

Here's his quick interview via nymag.com during his first experience of the infamous New York Fashion Week...

P.S. I'm really not into boat shoes, but for you Nathan, I'd make the most unique exception! It fits his laid back personality anyway..so work it! Sashey, shante!

Paul Smith 'Hashbury' boat shoes

Toodles! =)


  1. I like boat shoes on the right man...a hot sexay man with a boat who's not over 30!!! hahaha...EEEW I just realized that my age limit is slowly increasing.

    1. Um yes, I was going to say..not over 30? You sure about that? Hahaha. Well Nathan is I believe 24 yrs old so he's young enough, and he does live in California so it's fine =) And obviously I am so biased 'coz if I do see someone else wearing boat shoes, you better be Nathan Adrian or equivalent to him. ;p


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