Happy Birthday Skyler!

Today is April 16 and my one and only partner-in-crime turns 8 years old. It was absolutely love at first bite sight when I met Skyler. He was only 3 months then and boy, did he give me one too many heart attacks along the way. From chasing him around constantly as he managed to escape from his harness/leash to jumping out of a moving car to eating up all my designer shoes for dinner to a king-size bed space hogger to being my only constant companion, even when I took out my bad days on him.

He is the reason why I've become such a strong advocate against animal cruelty, especially to pet animals. You give a dog a piece of your heart, he gives all of his in a heartbeat.

Happy Birthday, my Pachu-chum. You get extra treats today---who the heck am I kidding, you get extra treats everyday!

I posted this before but this pic means a lot because this was the first time that we met and I knew I couldn't let go!


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