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Note: This is a late post.

Sometimes there are just those moments when you decide on something spontaneously and you end up patting yourself on the back for making such a good call. Well, let's just say I would be patting myself with my arms and legs on the back if I could. You see, I've been dying to watch the band, The Killers for quite some time now. They passed by L.A. last year, around the time when I was about to watch Madonna but I couldn't find any tickets on sale...lo and behold, The Killers was going to perform again this May but somehow I never ever ever ever ever heard anything about it until a week and a half before they were about to perform. *insert googley eyes* Thank God for the internet and fickle-minded people, I got lucky and finally got a hold of some tickets!

I'll make this short and simple...Brandon Flowers (lead singer) is not only handsome rock band chic, he has a bewildering presence that could carry the band onstage as a whole. He's fun to watch, his voice is flawless and you won't have to experience those episodes of slight teeth-clenching, thinking if he's gonna make that high note without a hitch or not. An artist/band is considered legit when they sound as good playing live as they do on CD, or even better. Believe me when I say that they sound way better live than their studio-recorded versions---yes, they are THAT good. This is by far the only concert I've been to that everyone in the crowd was singing along from start to finish. Every. Single. One.

Do you know that they're a locally-grown American band from Las Vegas? Smack me in the face and call me Barbara but I really thought they were a British band since their music always reminded me of new wave/ 80's songs, even the lyrics and some of their music videos show some resemblance of that great music genre.

And um, Brandon? He's just mighty fine. Mighty hot and mighty fine in a 1960's Vintage shirt from the Levi's Vintage collection. He originally came out on stage with a moto jacket but my hard drive bonked out and being so smart as I always am, I didn't backup any of my data. And thus, no moto pic.

I can't imagine how the band kept up since they were performing from one song to another with virtually no breaks in between.  Despite the fact that my legs were killing me from standing for 3 hours before they finally came out and I was trying to be a steady human tripod while recording videos, I had the bestestestestest time ever.

Note: The video quality is good, but had a bit of a shaky hand 'coz the peeps in front of me were blocking my lens. Audio as usual sucks and didn't do any justice at all to the band's performance. I tried to record every single song until my two batteries went dead on me. Tee-hee. 
Enjoy the visuals, anyway! 

P.S. Don't forget to select the HD option when playing the videos!
P.P.S. Sorry not sorry for always zooming in and out of Brandon's face.

They sang a nice cover of Tommy James & The Shondells' I Think We're Alone Now
This is so embarrassing but you can actually hear my sister and I scream and sing so freakin' off-key haha.

I totally went nuts when they started playing All These Things I've Done.

I always admire the depth in their lyrics. Here they are performing Smile Like You Mean It.

Before Brandon sang Read My Mind, he sings California Girls just to get the girls all giddy...

Here they are performing Spaceman.

If they ever come to your town, purchase the VIP tix (if available--my event didn't have any but we nabbed tickets that we were the closest to the stage) because they are WORTH EVERY SINGLE PENNY AND MORE. This group of talented musicians were meant to be banded together. I hope to see them play until my future kids are old enough to watch concerts so I can drag their hineys and they can sink to the floor while they watch their mom girlfaning over a bunch of old dudes. mwahahaha!

Here's my sister, Kiwi and I squishing our way as close to the front as possible.

And to end this post, here's a random side-view picture of a (surfer) dude we were kinda stalking 'coz he was kinda cute. Hello, cheekbones. 

Mobile phones are indeed a stalker's bestfriend.


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