Chill Pill: For The Monday Blues

There are awesome songs and then there are equally awesome covers. Ever heard of that song by Stevie Nicks that was revived by Linus Loves feat. Sam Obernik? It's one of those perfect songs that is so sad but you want to dance to it too.

I mean c'mon...the lyrics itself can eat me alive. My pre-Miguel (the boyfriend) days unleashed all over again.

"No one knows how I feel,
What I say unless you read between my lines,
One man walked away from me,
First he took my hand,
Take me home"

Not to mention, the video was so fun to watch. You can't beat the setting : Prom Night. Dude with folded sleeves, light grey suit. Skinny black tie. White socks. Off-white loafers--- and those nerdy yet oh-so-perfect moves to woo any dream girl.

Don't be shy, I know you did a little dance. Work it, girl (or boy)!


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