It's Amore!

♫ When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that's amore..when the world seems to shine like you've had too much wine, that's Amore! ♫

Eleven years. That's a decade plus one. That's the age of a typical fifth grader *faint*...I did try to convince Miguel that we should just stop counting 'til ten 'coz continuing it makes us seem OLDER than we really are, well at least I'm speaking for myself 'coz he's already becoming an old fart. Ha!

Eleven years and we're still discovering something new about each other every day, whether it be good or bad. With that in mind,  I really appreciate the opportunity of the fun travels and misadventures that we've had over the years. They say that you'll really get to know a person's true colors when you get to live with them day in and day out, or when you TRAVEL together. As for me, I can truly say that every adventure has brought the both of us closer in our relationship, even if it had to involve occasionally storming back into the hotel room due to crankiness and total exhaustion. (He usually indicates the former and I, the latter..ofcourse, someone always begs to differ hehehe)

I always relish on the memories we've made and cannot wait to make some more... =)

In Chicago, where Frank Lloyd Wright used to reside in. I was happy to see the sparkle in my one and only nerdy architect's eyes as he was taking in the history and sights of one of the greatest architects of all time, whom he casually calls "Frankie boy". I'm hoping this boy crush is just a phase.

Our trip to Singapore..where we had to run for our lives due to unpredictable rain showers. Had to take the tourist-y Merlion shot and  it's the only city where you can get awesome chilli crabs at 1 AM  in the morning! Yum! Yum!

On our little getaway to Vegas. Must re-think wearing sky high stilettos while walking all throughout the strip. We went to watch the Phantom of the Opera and there were two white ladies behind us who told us before the show that they thought we were so adorable. What? I hope they didn't think we were teenagers who were eloping hahaha. We had loads of fun dancing the night away, despite the fact that Miguel was born with two left feet. Oh and Wynn buffet is the bomb diggity!

On our date night in Hong Kong. Once in awhile, the fairy god mother turns me into a girlie girl and then I turn back into a fruit at around 3 AM. This place must be the most adventurous city I have ever been to. There are too many things to do and places to explore. We went to Macau as well where our driver was kind enough to call me Miguel's "beautifooo" wife. Aww..too bad I'm his mistress. Ha!

At Lake Arrowhead, California. Enjoying the cold weather and finally putting my little raccoon's fur into good use. I realize that I get even hungrier when it's cold. Where is my fried rice?

At the Botanical Gardens in San Marino, CA. This was taken at the Japanese Gardens, I wish I could be in one of the real ones in Japan.. *hint hint* *cough cough* *more cough cough*

As much as I enjoy going around the globe (just a teenie part for now) with him, I've come to realize that at the end of the day, it doesn't matter where the destination is but rather the company that you keep.
I luv ya, hunny! Thanks for holding my hand whenever we get lost in an unfamiliar place =)

*Sorry but it's gonna take some real hard metal rock to get the mushiness, fluffiness out of your system after reading this blog* 


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