Who Wears Short Shorts?

The sudden gush of love is finally over and we're back to serious business. Spring is about to meet it's end and summer is showing off some heat in my side of the world, which brings me to the topic of why I do fear the summer season.

The scorching heat (plus humidity in tropical countries) is the culprit of all things evil. It gets people cranky, sweaty and not to mention, STINKY. Like wow-you-need-to-bathe-in-muriatic-acid-to-get-that-stink-off STINKY. Like did-you-use-garlic-and-onion-and-dog-poop-as-your-deodorant STINKY. I think it's safe to say that you guys kinda get the idea of what level of stink I'm talking about.

Unfortunately, the sweet stench of summer is the least of our problems. Summer brings out the freedom in people. They throw their cares away, put their hair down and just be care-free... but there lies the problem.

Maybe we've had too much for the holidays and never got to burn the lard we consumed but hey! It's hot, it's the summer time and we wanna have fun and show everyone what our mama's gave us. Let's wear some shorts... not only regular shorts... but the shortest shorts to show all that cottage cheese and saggy butt cheeks.

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Ladies, PLEASE! Por favor! Cheeky shorts is just NOT ATTRACTIVE. This only works with supermodels who have been photoshopped. And while I am on the subject of legs, I myself, am struggling with the fact that I cannot see how the back of my thighs look like. Maybe you've just been sitting too much on the couch and haven't worked out. Maybe you've just been letting yourself go..but that is why we have siblings, boyfriends and bestfriends..to tell us that it's getting a little lumpy on the backside or we are developing what I simply call COTTAGE CHEESE. If you just want to be a  smart ass, it's properly referred to as CELLULITE. Still don't get it? Go to the fridge, get some cottage cheese then put them side by side with your legs and if you can't tell 'em apart then... well...

First thing to do is to not panic, keep calm and put that sour cream-flavored chip down because apparently, that chip is not only going straight to your hiney, it's spreading to your legs too.

Is there a remedy? Yes. Maybe. It might not work for everyone but it did help my legs stay cottage cheese-free.

According to Bliss' Fatgirlslim's packaging, it:

• energizes the skin

• stimulates skin surface to firm and contour with caffeine

• visibly reduces the appearance of excess fluid retention in skin layers

I tried this out since it had good reviews and had a decent price as well. I think this product works if you are active enough. It's no miracle cream, it won't do anything if you're not ACTUALLY doing something like leg exercises, etc. If you work out, it'll help you boost and tone whichever area you need that little extra oomph.

If money is not an issue,  here are other toning/smoothing creams that I have tested and they get the job done as well:


Always remember that these products do not permanently solve that cottage cheese problem. They mostly just help lessen the appearance by toning and smoothing the surface of the skin. In short, get your lumpy saggy butt off the couch and walk your dog or play with your kids or run away from a stalker.

*All the products are actually available on Amazon.com. Just click the link on the right side panel of my blog for more info!* (They offer slightly cheaper prices than the regular prices sold in stores)

Don't forget..Cottage cheese belongs to the fridge, not on your thighs!

Now..who's hungry?


  1. i got curious with the cheese and shorts u posted in fb. this is really informative and helpful! good one pears!angelique

    1. Hi Delc! :) Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for reading! :)


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