Royally Lovely

Okay... so since I'm totally glued to the Olympics, I bumped into some candid pictures of my only fave celebrity couple watching the Olympic games. Which couple, you ask?

It's none other than the royal couple...

Prince William and Princess Kate.

Tell me you don't see what I see. Tell me you don't see true love. I mean, even their PDA is not conducted in a despicable manner. They just look like they're so Rated G.

See how he holds her? That's a man proudly and lovingly owning his beautiful wife!

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This is how couples should be, just two people enjoying each other. I bet they can sit on the couch hours on end and they would have a blast. Oops, I meant SOFA...I can't imagine the Prince saying "couch". Migs is such an introvert at times that his favorite past time is staying at home while running DVD marathons of his favorite anime movies. I agree to stay at home as long as I get to have my very own separate order of large pizza because I do not want sausage on my pizza. I want bacon. No bacon? We're going to the mall then!

You can never go wrong with bacon. Oh yea.

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Ah, welcome to my blog...where I can talk about the royal couple and bacon in the same post.

I am royally hungry, indeed.

Toodles! =)


  1. I even thought you mentioned bacon (or not wanting to eat bacon) after seeing how small she is hahaha! - chedz

    1. She is so fit and her height just compliments it even more! =) You guys are alike, flag pole! hahaha

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Delc, they are actually my only fave celeb couple! Hahaha =)

  3. This blog topic makes me want to slit my wrist for soo many reasons..." YAWN" ;) (someday my prince will come...but for now it' all about the benjaminz baby)...but more for the lack of Bacon in my life hahahah...sooo dramaticz


    1. Hey now, don't be bitter. LOL. Sound familiar? =)Don't worry, I still love you even though I'm not your prince. Ha! =)

    2. I'm more spinachey than bitter...who knew that I like spinach...or tolerate it more than other vegs lol

    3. Who knew I would like broccoli? =)


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