Keeping Up With the Joneses.. Without The Benjamins

I was a brand-craving idiot. Take note, I said WAS. So don't be prejudice or I won't hesitate to throw this patent black four-inch stiletto heel at you. I used to think that wearing the latest, expensive and coolest brands of clothing would get me noticed and appreciated, and in return, it would make me feel good about myself. But nope, it's not what life is all about so I grew up and I grew out of it. Don't get me wrong, I still love luxurious things, I still want them..but I don't need to sell my soul to the devil just to impress other people. I try to buy things that I know I can afford and I only splurge if it's worth it.

Wearing anything branded has been integrated in Asian culture for as long as I can remember. Acquiring high-end brands represent status, achievement and a sense of empowerment... at least that's what some people who get too caught up with brands think. Thus, the surplus of counterfeit goods of high-end brands evident all over Asian countries.

Thanks to one of my beautiful sisters, she shared with me this link of a Filipino blogger,who posted an article that fascinatingly narrates a sad (but juicy) ordeal about a woman's obsession of worldly things that led her and her family's life to spiral down to kingdom come. Here is the link to the story...

The culprit to her demise...disguised in gold-plated brass hardware and supple leather.

Hermes Birkin Bag

Hermes Pink Tosca Fjord Leather 35cm Birkin Bag with Gold Hardware

Hermes Mykonos Matte Alligator 35cm Birkin Bag with Palladium Hardware

From what I hear, these babies range from $10,000 USD and up. The more exotic the leather (crocodile, alligator, ostrich, python, lizard) , the higher the ticket price.

This Birkin made of crocodile skin and a clasp encrusted with 10 carats of white diamonds is being sold at a whopping $120,000 USD.

Hermes Matte Crocodile Birkin Bag

I only started appreciating bags when I started working. I actually had a phase of "hoarding" and I'm not talking about buying your usual $800 a pop kinda bags, think $2,000+ a pop. Damn you, Louis for whispering in my ear! It may be nothing to the Hermes-toting ladies out there but it was not good for me at all, my savings took a beating and I had to take a step back and slow down. And you know how I shook and brought myself back down to earth? I realized that there are people who find so much contentment in the simpler things in life, whether they are rich or poor. I really hope that I will be able to instill that attitude in my future children as well.

I faced the fact that I couldn't afford to buy everything I wanted, all at the same time. At least not right now. I told myself, Slow down, you'll get everything you need and eventually, everything you want..with hard work. 

I know there are some people who strive to compete and compare lifestyles with their friends. If your friends make you feel inadequate, they don't deserve to be regarded as a friend at all. But once you bite the bait and start trying to compete as well, then you don't deserve to be called one either. I know a lot of relationships and friendships that have been left battered and maimed by greed and envy. The funny thing that everyone has to realize is that trying to keep up with the Joneses is a vicious cycle. You will never get there and it will never be enough. No matter how rich you think you are, someone out there will always have something better than you... a better car, a bigger house, a bigger ring, a bigger yacht, a bigger private jet, a richer husband, etc. 

It's perfectly fine to enjoy the finer things in life and in this case, expensive purses, as long as we remember what's more important... killer shoes.

Just kidding.


  1. I am glad to know that you have given up on these material things. Don't let what's happening to the rest of America happen to you! Take a look at the people here - they all got fancy cars, designer wear - and they don't even own a house! For the rest of their damn lives, all they do is work, work and work in order to pay off their debts.

    1. I confess that I am still struggling to NOT want the flashy, extravagant things. They are so..shiny and pretty. LOL. I'm just really practicing self-control and nowadays I always try to think of practicality. Maybe I will be able to feel more adventurous about my money if let's say I earn as much as that dude who invented Windows. You know, that dude named Bill. hehehe. Thanks for reading!

  2. AMEN to this! ill be sharing this blog to my friends :)

    1. Thank you Delc =)I appreciate you sharing my blog =)


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