Death of a Toothbrush

I stumbled while making my way blindly through the dark hallway, trying to get to the room that I dread the most in the morning...the bathroom. Ugh, I have to get ready for work. I picked up my toothbrush and pressed the power button. Hmmm. No buzzing, no movement. Great, I forgot to plug the charger back in---but it was right there, plugged securely to the wall. I smacked it around, hoping to resuscitate my trusty old brush for more than 5 years. No response. I think this is it, the day has come. I pronounced my electric tooth brush technologically dead at 6:05 AM.

Well there's only one thing to do! Do a Target run! Yey :) Yeah, I kinda got over the demise of my old toothbrush quickly, I'm cold as ice.

Obviously it's been years since I've shopped for an electric toothbrush so I was kinda worried that I won't be able to find a sturdy yet affordable one to replace it. My old tooth brush was by Oral B/ Braun, and I loved it. Even the dentists were fooled, they thought I was an enthusiastic cleaner but they didn't know that my tooth brush was doing all the dirty work for me. (yup, pun very much intended)

So I looked through the Oral B/Braun section, hoping I won't have to resort to shelling out $150 for a damn toothbrush.

Well, well, well. What do we have here. Limited Black edition, made by Oral B/Braun, free extra brush head...and only for the price of $39.99! Bingo!

It looks really similar to the previous one that I had but with some extra bells and whistles. This one has a pretty decent-looking travel case included and they added a feature where it shows if the device is charging or when it's running low on battery. And most of's in black!

Hey on a totally random note, I just discovered this really yummy thing in Costco. It's a blend of cashews, almonds, dried blueberries, dried mangoes, pecans, dried papaya, coconut, sea salt and a bunch of other good stuff.

Sorry for the dirty background, just concentrate on Sky. Ha!

So after I use my new toothbrush, I'm gonna get my teeth all messed up with this fruity nutty goodness! Yum!

If you've never seen a blogger write so ecstatically about a tooth brush, now you have. You're welcome!


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