The Reluctant Road Tripper: Day 6

Cambridge, Massachusetts

I got in!

First of all, I'd like to thank my readers---without you, I wouldn't be making a complete fool out of myself in public, for the whole wide world to see. Second, I'd like to say that I'm just keeedding, ain't no way that Harvard's ever ready for a punk like me. Ha!

My little sis is officially enrolled to Harvard for summer school then to a graduate program! I’m so proud of that little kid. Okay so about Cambridge…Wow. Where do I start? Well, first we went to visit Kiwi’s dorm on-campus and dropped off her huge, heavy luggage---I swear, she must have been stuffing ‘em with dead people in there ‘coz they were a pain in the @$$ to drag all the way to the THIRD FLOOR! Harvard is so sassy but sadistic toward their own kind--- they don’t have elevators nor A/C inside their rooms (at least most of them)! Oh and yes, this was in the middle of June so yup, I feel like I was slow-cooked turkey for dinner.

But isn't it wonderful? Look at that. The environment makes me feel so scholarly already. Tee-hee!

Those are just pictures of her dorm, mind you. At the rate that they’re going, they might as well rename Cambridge to Harvard City, 'coz believe you me, it’s not just a university compound anymore…it’s a freakin’ city inside a city---whoa! inception minus Leo. They have a place called Harvard Square where you can pick out different places to just lounge and relax, grab a bite/ drink or shop around for souvenirs, etc. The place is mostly packed with Harvard students as well as tourists such as myself, who are not frowned upon.  I can truly say I really loved the atmosphere as I walked around, doing touristy stuff. Everyone was polite and helpful, especially when it’s so easy to get lost here.

They've got their own shuttle, police department, postal service, etc.

Boy, all that walking, lifting and climbing flights of stairs got us hungry. What's for brunch?

Off we went to a cool place called The Breakfast Club. They played 80's music and had posters of the best 80's films like Top Gun, Indiana Jones, Ghostbusters, St. Elmo's Fire, The Goonies, Back to the Future and of course, The Breakfast Club.

Mine, all mine!

Mmm. I like my bacon super crispy, slightly burnt.

After wiping out our plates clean, we went to look for the main souvenir shop to replace both my older sister's and dad's old shirts (they are both alumni's). And uh, I think we hit the motherload.

They had merchandise specially made by different brands like Ralph Lauren, Under Armour, Champion, Adidas, etc.

I bet you just read this shirt with an accent too...

Hi, my name is Pears, I'm a frustrated Ivy League wannabe and I get a little too excited over souvenirs.

I gotta hit the sack for now so I could explore a little more and be a crazy Asian tourist again tomorrow!


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