The Reluctant Road Tripper: Day 5

Pennsylvania→New York→Massachusetts

Making our way from Ohio, we quickly passed through Pennsylvania and I was in total deep slumber the entire time, so no pics at all for Pennsylvania. When I woke up, I managed to annoy the heck out of my demanding road trip seatmate a.k.a. The Financer a.k.a. Papi. We were at a rest stop somewhere in Upstate New York to get a quick bite for breakfast when I chanced upon a booth that read "Niagara Region Info".

Hello, parents!

Hmmm. “How far is Niagara Falls from here?”, I asked the kind lady manning the booth.  “Less than an hour”, she replied. In my head: !@#$%^&* No friggin way. We have to go!

Ever since we left that rest stop, I attempted to send subtle as a shotgun signals to everyone that I REALLY wanted to go and see Niagara Falls by saying things like, “Hey, the lady said it’s only less than an hour! We got time!” or “Hey, the lady said it’s only less than an hour! We got time!”…then put that on repeat.  Dad was THIS close to disinheriting me as he wanted to stick to the plan, and I wanted to be a rebellious teenager and take a detour. Who do you think won the debate?

Sorry Papi, I am my father's daughter :)

They got Little Italy here!

Be mindful of the signs 'coz you might end up going up that bridge that leads to Canada!

My pictures don’t even look half as good as it did in real life. I was at the area where they had the rapids and it will guarantee to take your breath away.

I’m just getting tanner and tanner every day, aren’t I? Don’t be fooled by that smile, I was actually a little bit upset that I wasn't prepared enough for this unexpected but wonderful stop over. I only wore a tank top and a pair of denim shorts, thinking that no one would ever see me anyway since I’m gonna be cooped up in the car the whole entire day. But no! I had to go and strut my haggard self out there and of course, I had to take pictures! Sunglasses to the rescue again!

Call me crazy everyday but I didn't know that you could actually see Toronto’s buildings and such right across Niagara. Wow. It is so close that my sister’s cell provider notified her that her roaming service got activated since she was in Canada. Ha!

Well hello there, neighbor!

There was a bridge that you could cross to get to the other side and I think you could get a really good view of the falls but we were already falling behind schedule by taking this little detour so I’m not really keen into pissing off the sleep-deprived zombies road trip buddies further more.
I wanted to go where those people on the left are, at the edge of the falls.

It's time to wave goodbye to Niagara and get to the last stop of the day--- the main reason for all those leg cramps, stiff necks and farmer’s tan…MASSACHUSETTS!

Stay tuned!


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