A Quick Getaway

Note: Yet again, another late post.

I am officially exhausted. I got home at around 1:30 AM from the Killers concert (see previous post) and had to get up early the next day to head out to Sin City. It was a very last-minute, spur-of-the-moment kind of thing that it still amuses me how I managed to shove my all my stuff in a hand-carry in 10 mins! Okay, I admit I was doing a bit of multi-tasking as I was belting out a Killers song, lathering up in the shower and planning if I should layer up my dress with a cropped jacket for a more conservative look (can't show too much skin when my Papi's around..ha!)---all at the same time.

My GPS system initially estimated that my time travel to Vegas was 4 hours but I'm getting used to driving like an Asian nowadays that I somehow managed to get there in 2 1/2 hours (perks of living in SoCal!)---Just don't ask how fast I was going. If you work for the highway patrol and you're reading this, peace be you!

And since my side kick was always uselessly fast asleep, upbeat or songs that I can sing along to are always my go-to music, especially driving through long winding roads.

And yes, I did decide on wearing a cropped jacket.

Time to turn your volume up! Here's a sample from my Vegas road rage trip playlist.

1. Madonna- Girl Gone Wild
2. Benny Benassi- Cinema
3. Goldfrapp- Ooh La La One word. Speeding.
4. Dirty South & Alesso - City of Dreams This one's for you my missing fave travel buddy =) aka Mr. Architect. I still miss yoouuuu =)
5. The Killers - The Way It Was Emote mode in the middle of the desert.

Vegas, Baby by P F on Grooveshark

Luckily, I was able to book a room online at The Venetian the night before I left for Vegas and got to settle in my suite before meeting up with the rest of the fam and do the usual stroll down the strip. The room was spacious and I simply adore the fact that even the standard suites come with a sunken living room. They do have a newer sister hotel right next door called The Palazzo if you want to try a more "updated" version, since The Venetian has been open a few years before The Palazzo opened in 2007-2008. If you want to try any of the two hotels, make sure to check the rates on their company website, sometimes they have great deals especially for stays during Monday to Thursday.

Here's a glimpse of my suite:

One day I hope I'd have the extra funds, time and energy to offer you a more comprehensive review, at least on what's good on the strip since I've been to Vegas about 10 times but I pretty much end up bee-lining towards the buffet or hotel-hop with a big grin on my face and a tall drink in one hand---just like any other tourist. Unfortunately, this trip was short as it was spontaneous. I only stayed overnight and had to drive back home the next day so I apologize for this seemingly anticlimactic post.

If you're heading out to Vegas soon, let me at least impart with you some sound advice.

You should never forget that Vegas is a wallet hazard. One look and wham--- something shiny is beckoning your credit card. When this happens to you, look away and run--- 'coz believe me, what happens in Vegas---kills you on your next billing statement.

Be gone, you shiny Valentino.

See what I mean?


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