Travel Philippines: Taal Volcano

As you all know, I've been here in California for almost a decade and somewhere in between, there are times when I truly miss the Philippine islands. I miss it so much that whenever there's even a slight reference about my country and/or countrymen, whether it be in movies, documentaries or on any other media, I feel like I'm somehow keeping in touch.

Anyway, I saw this travel feature in one of the lifestyle websites that I'm subscribed to,

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Thrillist is a good tongue-in-cheek website to check out if you live or visit in the main cities of the US since they cover everything from local eats, travel features and even weird gadgets.

I guess it really takes a true native to know their own motherland because right when I saw the picture, I knew it was in the Philippines. Hello there, blue skies! You know what's sad though? I've been to Tagaytay countless times, where it has the most splendid view overlooking the beautiful lake and the island but I've never actually been to the island itself.

Oh and do you know that the second most active volcano, Taal Volcano, is on the island? Yea, I'm not ready for it to go Dante's Peak on my hiney-ho so I'll stick to my mango shake and full body massage in Tagaytay for now.

While you're in the Philippines, don't forget to try out our mango shakes. We have both the green and yellow variety but y'all know I'm such a sweet tooth that I always go for the yellow.

*Back in 2011. Tagaytay, Philippines*

Here's to more features on my beloved Filipinas!


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