Elle UK Man of the Year

And the 2014 Elle UK Man of the Year goes to...

Tom Hiddleston!

Ladies and Gents, it's high time we gave this guy some luv luv luvin'! We all know that Tom is all great in the acting department but did you know this 6'2" sight-for-sore-eyes can bust out with some fascinatingly good foot work? Nothing beats seeing a rather cultured and polite Loki (nemesis of Thor, for those who aren't into comics) in a well-tailored suit---teaching a dance move or two!

Disclaimer: The video below has some cuss words in it since it's a late night show but you will be too busy ogling, anyway.

Oh and while we're on the subject of ogling, have you guys seen any of his interviews? He does really great impressions of other actors/ characters. He also speaks so damn eloquently, he could be reading the instruction manual of my vacuum cleaner and make it sound like he's reading a sonnet. I cannot, for the life of me, resist his British accent. 

I am a sucker for men who wear suits and dress shirts on a daily basis. I mean seriously, how many men do you see coming out of the airport looking like this?

Yep, a 3-piece suit and a pair of oxford shoes.


Or this...in a more casual look.


Even the Cookie Monster couldn't resist him...

Tom Hiddleston, you are growing on me at a dangerous pace...


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