Ghesquiere for LV

This post is rather late considering the fashion world has been abuzz since the power fashion house of LVMH announced last November 2013 on signing in Nicolas Ghesquiere as their new Creative Director for Louis Vuitton. As I admired Marc Jacobs' work for LV for the past 16 years, I must say that pumping in "new blood" like Ghesquiere is rather a refreshing and exciting moment for the luxury brand.

Ghesquiere combines fashion, art and commercialism in such an elegant way that made Balenciaga rise to a different level of ooh-la-la. He isn't safe--- he knows how to explore different silhouettes, shapes, textures and fabrics but I always appreciate designers who keep in mind that people have to actually wear their creations and know where to draw the line between a walking, magnificent piece of art and a drunken peacock on a rampage. 

Okay, apparently I couldn't find an alcoholic peacock so this will have to suffice...

I didn't really pay too much attention to this genius of a designer until I laid my eyes on his famous "Lego sandals" (picture below, on the right) back in his Fall '07 collection for Balenciaga. Since then, I've been an avid rabid fan in both his shoe and clothing collections!

Look what he did for Balenciaga:

Spring 2013

Spring 2010

Fall 2010

And who could ever forget Spring 2008? Glorious pieces from the clothes down to the shoes!

All runway photos from

I think Marc Jacobs would agree when I say that they couldn't have chosen a better successor to the mighty LV throne than Nicolas Ghesquiere.

P.S. Alexander Wang has taken over Ghesquiere's coveted position in Balenciaga and I hear he's doing mighty fine as well. Since I mentioned earlier that this is a late post, I shall be updating you folks with Ghesquiere's first collection for LV soon =)


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