My Friend, The Artist: Nomads No More

During my college days, I met a lot of, intelligent, sometimes a little looney interesting people. Happily, these people became good friends of mine and they still are to this day. It's amazing how this one particular awesome friend and I used to bond over Chicken Fingers and a full order of Caesar Salad at T.G.I. Friday's, wailing over our non-existent love lives then you fast forward to 10 years after, and that same friend of yours ends up seeing the world and all its wonders. But who knew that this ecclectic, bright-eyed friend would transform into a globe-trotting, up-and-coming photographer slash writer slash artist? I did. I knew it all along, I just didn't want to spoil the big surprise and tell her I have E.S.P.N. =)

This friend that I speak of is none other than the multi-talented Ms. Karen Capino. She just had her first photo exhibit entitled "Nomads No More" in Baguio, Philippines and I am nothing less of a proud friend to share with you her brilliant works of art. In her travels, sight-seeing was not enough for her, she had to unleash her passion for photography and unleash, she did.

"Nomads No More is about snapshots I've taken in Mongolia. Mongolians are the last nomads on Earth. They just recently embraced democracy (20 years ago) so they are slowly becoming nomads no more." - Karen Capino

Aside from Mongolia, Karen has ventured through cobble-stoned roads in Europe, trekked across dirt roads in Sri Lanka and all over Southeast Asia, inhaled the fresh Alaskan air, rolled around the Caribbean sand and most of all, re-discovered our own beloved motherland through the mountainous regions of Cordillera, Philippines.

Sri Lanka

Luang Prabang


Mt. Pinatubo, Philippines

Tuscany, Italy..My favorite photo! 

Ms. Capino currently resides in the Philippines and you can check the rest of her photography here or browse on her current project at Tumblr

Yup, that undeniable deep-dimpled smile is photographer Kars Capino.

What can I say, I'm blessed with talented friends. Makes me wonder what hidden talents I have?
How about a lion whisperer?
Who knows. Roar.

Toodles! =)


  1. Very nice photos. The kid from Mongolia is super cute, and I find the 'Madonna-and-child-esqe' portrait quite thought-provoking: Why is the 'Madonna' old? Why the cautious/gloomy look on their faces? Then you start asking where the photo was shot.

  2. Yes, Karen can really tell a story, show the culture and emotions in one shot. Mighty impressive, really.


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