Hallow's Eve

Halloween month is upon us and that means it's that time of the year for me to hide under a rock. Pardon me, that's just my scaredy-cat instincts kickin' in. Seriously, if there was a Scrooge for Halloween, that would be me. Bah, Humbug! I turn on the radio and they have Michael Jackson's Thriller playing, then there's the crawling-on-the-ceiling horror movie trailers. You gotta admit, no one can beat that kid from The Exorcist whose head turned a full 360 and peed all over the place. Where's the Super Nanny when you need her? My feelings towards Halloween has always been lukewarm since I was a young little fruit. I only like the trick-or-treat idea for kids and I like to watch those horror specials with the family...I insist on sitting in the middle of the couch because I reckon that just in case some monster were to attack us, they would be the first to go! *evil laugh*

In Halloween parties, I always dress up as myself. I figured my daily appearance was good enough to scare off the kids and drunken jocks. Dressing up in costumes isn't really my style, never have and never will. In fact, the only costume I've ever enjoyed wearing was a head of a horse, which got a bunch of laughs at a school play back in high school.

I revel in people taking a lot of effort and doing the whole nine yards just for the sake of a real cool costume. But have you noticed something lately? A lot of confused women seem to want to be dressed up as a slutty version of a Disney character and take away the livelihood of people who work the streets and corners at night. You know we're having a recession when people opt to wear their underwear as a costume and try to get away with it.

So when my sister dragged me into a Halloween costume store, I took the opportunity to go around and I must admit, the Scrooge in me did have fun...just a teeny tiny bit.

Phantom of the Opera fail. Where are my cheekbones? 

That's more like it! 

I want a Scooby snack! This is actually a whole suit, I would totally rock this!

You...fight me? I kill you with my samurai sword!

Spot the wardrobe malfunction!


Don't worry, it's just me with a bloody knife!

I guess this means my head is not crown-worthy? = (


Hmm..so how can I pick my nose?

Speaking of the devil...

This is for peeing on the carpet....how do you like it now? huh? huh?

I think I'm gonna need a bigger broom...

Nice metallic pink broom, but what's up with the extremely short handle? 

I keep it gangsta. You may now call me P. Fruitty.

Yep, found this in the Halloween store. What'd I tell ya? Someone's going to be working the streets.

As you can see from the photos above (except for the last one), there's a large variety of costumes to choose from, just don't dress up like a hoe let your imagination run wild.

As for me, I got my costume on 24/7... I just manage to hide the horns and the pitchfork during business days. Tee-hee!

Trick or treat! =) Toodles!


  1. daymn was that a halloween expo???? this side of the corn fields has slim pickins....must be the drought

  2. Actually no, this was like just 5 mins from my place and they weren't as complete as the other store that I went to. They do have a lot of choices here but the prices are crazy!


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