Chill Pill- Part 2

Aside from the fact that I'm a little bit disappointed about Phelps getting the silver in his signature race (200-meter butterfly), I had a bad day at work as well. You know, those moments when there you are, minding your own business and boom! You get picked on about EVERYTHING...Yea, I know you've been there. 

I definitely need a big, heavy CHILL PILL. C'mon, crank up the volume and put on your headphones.

Oh Land- White Nights

Sade- The Moon And The Sky

Kylie Minogue- Get Outta My Way

Radio Head- High and Dry

Sting- When We Dance... I went to his concert about 2 years ago while he toured with the Royal Philharmonic was just DIVINE! I cannot forget the moment when he sang this song. So dreamy.

Empire of the Sun- Walking On A Dream

It seems like the songs are doing it's wonders on me now. I feel totally better, thanks for sticking through all of the songs I picked out.

I hope at least one of the songs made your day, too =)

Thanks for reading and don't be a cranky panty. At least that's what I tell myself every time I feel the need to smash someone's head into a brick wall and feed them to Sky.


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