Let The Games Begin!

The day has finally come. The familiar trumpets are echoing all throughout London, beckoning the greatest athletes all over the world to gather in one place and showcase their mutant-like abilities. The opening ceremony is one of the most exciting highlights of the Olympics event, since it gives the hosting country the opportunity to show off anything and everything about their country, as millions of viewers will be tuning in to this once-in-four-years exciting event.

Here are the great highlights of the ceremony...

James Bond and Queen Elizabeth

 And later on, the "Queen" parachutes from the helicopter, into the stadium

Mr. Bean is at it again, with the orchestra performing "Chariots of Fire"...

via imgace.com

David Beckham driving the speedboat, with athlete Jade Bailey (not shown) clutching the torch...

Image via thesun.co.uk

Tribute to Sir Tim-Berners Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web...

Image via zdnet.com

Speaking of the tribute, the young star that played "June" was spotted wearing the H&M gold pleated dress that was released, I believe earlier in April.

which I also bought but haven't worn out yet...

I'm Asian so don't mind what seems like an explosion of  house slippers! Ha

Sir Paul McCartney performing 'Hey Jude'...

Image via nydailynews.com

Obviously, one of the games that I would have my eyes glued on is the Men's Swimming competition! Hey I'm not a sports enthusiast so I might as well milk the moment for what it's worth! Ha! =) Can you really blame me? Half-naked men with tall lean bodies, toned arms and chiseled abs...Go Michael, you merman, you!

Hmm.. Olympians do have an interesting choice of Speedo's.

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TEAM USA is by far, the best dressed. Thanks to Ralph Lauren and China (for manufacturing the uniforms--you can imagine how upset some Americans were when they found out!)

I think the whole opening ceremony was okay, some parts were honestly BLAH. But I think Beijing has truly set a new standard when it comes to the Olympic opening ceremony.

What did you think of the ceremony? Any favorites? Not-so-favorites?

Let the games begin!

Toodles! =)


  1. i missed this on tv and spice girls too!! thanks pears good highlights though


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