My Boy, Matthew

Oh yes, it's time for the guys to roll their eyes once again as I present to you one of God's great creations..and this creation goes by the name of Matthew Goode. You've probably seen him in one of his movies like Chasing Liberty, Match Point, Watchmen and Leap Year.

My favorite so far is his role as a lover of opposite actor Colin Firth in the movie, A Single Man. When I watched the film, I didn't actually realize that this was Tom Ford's directorial debut on the big screen. I did however, notice how the fabulous cast in this movie was very well-put-together. So yea, that totally gave it away!

Anyway, enough about the movie. I'm here to gawk at Matthew Goode. He's so adorable..and he's British. What's better than a hot guy? A hot guy with a British accent, that's what. I think by now you folks have noticed that I'm not really into guys who are super beefed up. I don't like guys who look like they had too much protein shakes and then spend 10 hours at the gym, grunting like they're about to give birth. I like my men lean, not scrawny but toned.

It's raining Matthew Goode!

From his shoot in the January 2010 issue of GQ Magazine..

*giggle* Double damn you Miguel, for making me fall in love with you. I would have been in London chasing this guy and my other boy, Jim. Two is better than one, baby and look what I found...

WAAAAA! *giggle* I have to say it's not a really great angle of Jim but heck, he's still cute!

Hope you folks enjoyed the eye candy! =)

Toodles! =)

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