London Olympics 2012: Hotter Than The Torch

Well, I'm a sucker for winners and cuties so forgive me for being biased towards TEAM USA =) I may be Filipino but I do carry a blue passport so I might as well show some American love =) HA!

The stunning athletes just make the competition hotter than it already is. There should be a new category to consider in the Olympics, like THE HOTTEST MEDALIST =) Of course, I will be a guest judge and one of the requirements to be able to advance to the next level would have to be strutting around and flexing them muscles, at least for the men. Requiring women to flex their manly muscles is just kinda inappropriate and creepy.

Ryan Lochte - Men's Swimming

Photo Credits: JD Lasica

Ricky Berens - Men's Swimming

Photo Credits: JD Lasica

Nathan Adrian - Men's Swimming... Did the eyes give it away? He's Half Chinese =)

Jake Dalton - Men's Gymnastics

Photo Credits: Emmy

These guys are more than enough reason to even watch the Olympics, who cares about points? I'm okay just watching them do their thang.

I love it when they show the underwater views while the swimmers push themselves from the wall and proceed to do the backstroke or freestyle. It's like they're fish, but men. Mermen. Hmmm... notice my great analytical skills?

Phelp's underwater shot
Photo Credits: Midorisyu

By the way, Australia's got their own swimming team that packs a lot of heat in their own right as well.

Well Hello, Mate!

Did I forget to mention that I'm VERY grateful to the inventor of Speedo's? Genius.

So I guess it's settled. The boyfriend is going to start swimming but we'll have to skip the Speedo's for now.


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