Chill Pill

Sometimes it's better to just chill and kick back..relax. I don't want to stress you folks out there with all the bad, and even the good news. I feel like I talk too much gets exhausting, really. Do me a favor and put on your headphones, and come away with me. Sometimes it's just better to listen.

Vampire Weekend- A-punk Try not to run around your living room bobbing your head like that. Your 'rents might think you've lost it.

Cranberries- Linger I really really really want this song to be played on my wedding... Haha.

Sade - In Another Time "In another time girl, those tears won't leave a trace..."

Billy Idol - Dancing With Myself  What can I say? I'm an 80's baby =)

Bill Withers - Lovely Day  Someone should sing this song to me every time I wake up in the morning! The pressure is on for Miguel! Haha.

Amy Winehouse- Our Day Will Come It'll be hard to find another vocalist like her. Definitely one of a kind.

The Fratellis - Chelsea Dagger I know you only know the da da da da da da da da part too.

There. Do I see a smile? =) 


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