When Leaves Fall

It's officially summer here in the U.S. and though I admire the mildly warm weather to show off a little bit of skin, there's nothing more exciting than anticipating my favorite season/s of the year... FALL/WINTER. No matter how much my brother nags at me for buying too many coats, jackets or outerwear, I just can't stop. No, seriously...it's like I have an addiction to outerwear and a relapse occurs every year when the fall/winter collections hit the stores. I was in denial until I realized that there is a whole fixture in my closet dedicated just for them...and later on, the whole fixture totally collapsed on me. I was about to blame my dog (just like when I blame my farts on him) but the boyfriend said it was in fact, just that the fixture wasn't able to hold that much coats anymore. Pshhh. He's just saying that 'coz he doesn't want to be involved in a surprise attack in the mall... once I have my eyes locked in on a coat, he's dead. I can practically see him tightening his grip on his wallet. Tee-hee!

So here I am, off to La La Land daydreaming about...

Burberry Cotton Sateen Trench Coat It doesn't get real cold out here in Southern California so this mid-length trench is the perfect go-to trench when you're on the go.

Burberry Prorsum Tailored Wool Trench Coat Structured shoulders and a pleated back skirt makes this tailored trench coat ooze with sophistication. Check out that bow detail at the back!

Wool Cashmere Trench Coat It's black, it's cashmere blend, and it's belted! Yum! =)

Wool Blend Cocoon Coat For those days when you just want to roll out of bed and be incognito. 

Crepe Wool Tailored Coat I just can't get enough of these tailored coats. It's like the ultimate sexy look without having to show any skin at all. Notice the seam detail by the waist that defines the silhouette.

Mid-length Fur Detail Wool Cashmere Coat You can add more fun into the mix when you have an eccentric item in your wardrobe. Basics are always a must but sometimes it's great to have a piece that just stands out. The black amethyst color is amazing and hits the right spot for fall. My favorite feature: Ponyskin sleeves.

All these lovely coats can be found at the Burberry website.

If I had any of these coats in my closet, I wouldn't even bother worrying about what I've got underneath... I'll just keep the coat on no matter what! 

"No, Monsieur, you may not take my coat!"


  1. <3 the burgundy! and the crew wool one except my lady lumps will distort the stitch detail. hahaha

    1. hhahahaha! You're too funny. Your lovely lady lumps..

  2. I don't want no living creature to die so I get clothed. Wear faux wool instead!

    How would you like that done to your dog?

    1. Sorry but sheep don't die directly in effect to shearing. They die because of maltreatment. And it's common to have dogs trimmed, if I could have my dog trimmed, I would be doing him a favor. It gets too hot out here during summer.

  3. oh how I love these coats! =) hangang tingin na lang ni para nako Pears...I just can't afford these brands. lol

    1. Neither can I,Ms. Jean! They cost a leg, an arm and a first-born! =))


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