I do apologize for the delayed posts, I've just been trying to recuperate from the dance-induced crazy night that I had last Wednesday. I'm pretty sure if you've checked my last Chill Pill session, you've already figured that I went to see the one and only Queen of Pop, MADONNA  on her MDNA tour.

This is my third encounter with the Queen since I first went to see her on her Confessions tour around six years ago as a birthday celebration for my then-thirteen year old sister, Kiwi. To be honest, I didn't really know what to expect back then. I've been to other artist's concerts prior to the Confessions tour and I thought, "Hey if we're going to see Madonna for the first time, we might as well get great seats... she might throw a good show". Good show. Wow, that's an understatement of an understatement. I can't tell you everything play-by-play as to what went on that night, but when Madonna emerged from an over-sized Swarovski crystal-studded disco ball coming down from the ceiling, I knew I was in for one heck of a night.

People who complain about how her tickets are worth an arm and a leg and a first-born child won't fully understand the value, until one actually gets to see her perform - live. What you have to understand about Madonna is that she doesn't merely sing in her shows. She also gives you a performance worth wrecking your vocal chords to, as she commands the stage that leaves no booty unshaken. This 54-year old woman easily out-dances her  twenty-something back-up dancers, and her aura is so surreal that you would want to just bask in all its glory. This is why even the biggest celebrities come out of their big flashy sunglasses  and watch her shows.

Speaking of celebrities, it's easy to spot them bee-lining their way to their seats without getting noticed as people briskly secure floor seat tickets to the show. Unfortunately, I was too slow to snap a picture of the svelte Heidi Klum and bodacious Jessica Alba as they were passing through just a couple of feet away from us. My little sister who's a big outrageous fan of Glee yelped as she saw Glee actor, Chris Colfer pop out from nowhere as well.

Right below is the only "decent" photo that I was able to capture of Ms. Alba... thanks to the guy with the velvet jacket - who was completely in the way of my camera lens! After this shot was taken, we ran towards Jessica before she got to the VIP section. We were able to get close to her, like I-could-smell-her-hair close but she had her back towards us and somehow she deliberately was ignoring us couldn't hear us call her out so we decided to go back to our seats. Star-struck fail. Seriously.

For the MDNA tour, DJ Martin Solveig pumped up the audience before Madonna came on to perform. Some of you may recognize his popular dance hits such as "Hello", and "The Night Out". He was later on joined by Madonna's adopted son, David, who was able work on the spin table as well. Wonder where he got his knack of music, eh? =)

With Madonna's son, David.

Please forgive me for my super amateur skills of video recording. I was literally holding up the camera as steady as I could while dancing. Here is a video clip of DJ Martin Solveig performing "The Night Out"...

Rocco, Madonna's son from ex-husband Guy Ritchie even made an appearance as well. If I'm not mistaken, this is the first tour that she's brought the boys out on stage. Check out Rocco donning a choir costume while his mom sang "Like A Prayer". Far left, first row.

Without further ado, here are some photos that I managed to take in between screaming and waving my hands frantically up in the air as I was bumpin' and shakin' like a Polaroid picture.

Her grand entrance...

Madonna performs Gang Bang, a song that was inspired by the movie Pulp Fiction...

She just loves working that guitar...

As she performed Express Yourself, she wittingly mashed-up Lady Gaga's all-too-familiar, notoriously recognized copycat version "Born This Way" into the song. Madonna ain't Madonna without the mischievous, controversial humor and I love every bit of it!

Madonna talking about world issues...that's her 25-year old boyfriend on the left with the mesh tank top.

Madonna strikes a pose (or a hundred) while singing Vogue.

Right when I thought that Madonna was going for the more conservative outfits and costumes this time around, she suddenly stripped down and flashed her entire hiney to the crowd, wearing only a black lace thong. I wasn't able to zoom in and take a better shot since everyone's camera and hands were in the way. Yes, I know. Too many fails for this amateur blogger for one night! The verdict? I think her beautiful, unbelievably fit and smooth bottom just made everyone drop their beers and Big Macs.

Check out her guns! 

In her Egyptian-inspired costume, with her shoulders and right sleeve completely encrusted with crystals.

Not only was her performance seamless, but the stage production was mighty impressive as well. The strobing lights were AMAZE-ING and the visual effects in the backdrop left me all googly-eyed. I felt like a cave man being introduced to fire for the first time.

We were all totally blown away during the finale, when Madonna sang Celebration. You have to see it to believe it...

*Ahhh, googly-eyed...*


  1. looks soo fun!!! and the pics and vid look great!!! is this your trusty canon?!!!

  2. Yes it is the Canon S100. Not bad huh? =)

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