My Boy, Jim

If you're a dude, you might want to skip this post because it's only going to make you say, Oh heck no, I ain't looking at a bunch of pictures with a dude on it. I look better than this guy. Or better yet, you would say He's definitely gay. Isn't it funny that guys say that about hot male celebrities but girls don't say the same thing about the female counterparts? Like take for example, if I see Angelina Jolie or Charlize Theron... I don't say, oh they're so hot but they're probably gay. 

I know it's probably super delayed to react like this towards an actor who's been around for a while. He hasn't really gotten the attention that he deserves but I think he's just adorable. I'm talking about...

Jim Sturgess.

He's no Brad Pitt or Keanu Reeves. He doesn't have Channing Tatum's rock hard abs and well... you know what else. What he does have is this boyish charisma, child-like at its best. He has this sheepish smile that tells you he's up to no good but he gets away with it. He actually starred as the brother of the Boleyn girls in The Other Boleyn Girl. He is highly noted for the role as Jude Feeny in the musical,  Across The Universe. If you're a Beatles fan, I'm sure you're familiar with it. Oh yes, this boy can sing too! 

Jim singing in Across the Universe...

The reason why I mentioned him is because I just saw him in the romantic movie based on a best-selling British novel with opposite star, Anne Hathaway called One Day on HBO. I think any romantic movie with a British accent just always sounds more... romantic. Ha! Basically it's a story about two friends and what happens in between in the span of 20 years. Oh my gosh, it's hard to make this guy look old(er). If you haven't seen this move yet, it's one not to miss. It's got a nice plot but I just didn't agree with the writer on how it ended. It is realistic though, so you be the judge. Plus, you get to see this cutie for an hour or so. Win-win, non? =)

See that sheepish smile? Always gets me. Always! *giggle like a little school girl*

Jim Sturgess in One Day
Here he is in an interview with Jimmy know those dudes that are hot but they don't think they're hot..oh man, it makes them even hotter!

*sigh* Damn you, Miguel for making me fall for you. I would have been in London stalking with this cutie if I didn't meet you.

*one more giggle before I go* *giggle*

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