Sound of Music

I was born right smack when new wave music ruled the air waves and the lyrics to most songs didn't mention anything about having how many cars they drove nor was anyone's last name ever, first name greatest. It was all about wooing and flirting with women, at least before George Michael came out and said he kissed a boy and he liked it.

Seriously could they not have seen that? The frosted tips totally gave it away!
I do love all kinds of music and when I say ALL, I mean everything except most American country songs. Yee-haw! But everyone knows that the soundtrack of my life consists of these types of music : Alternative Rock, Rhythm and Blues, New Wave and most especially, Ballads baby. Ballads.

I must admit that it's really hard to find good music nowadays, especially now that someone decided to make Lady Gaga and Chris Brown famous enough to be called "music artists". Don't get me wrong, I know their songs are "catchy"..but if you put Phil Collins and U2 beside these current "music artists", who would you choose? If your answer up to this point is still Lady Gaga then you leave me no choice but to put on a superhero spandex suit and put a bullet in your head. Call it mercy-killing.

Despite the inferior quality of music nowadays, it seems like there must be still some hope with these newer bands, or artists that I've come to notice over the past few years. I really hope there will be more of them or else I may have to dry-clean that spandex suit every month!

Note: You may notice that I'm a bit partial to rock tunes. A bit. A tad. A teenie tad.


1) Muse - Uprising. The song just makes me want to join a riot. Burn those bra's! Hahaha!

2) Black Keys - Howlin' For You. It's kind of annoying with the voice over's but I still love the song.

3) The Temper Trap - Sweet Disposition. Tell me that you were not as shocked as I was when you saw the lead singer! He's not Filipino though, I believe he's Indonesian.

4) Phoenix - Lisztomania. If new wave and rock made babies, they popped this one out. The vocalist's voice is quite androgynous and the music is pretty laid back.

5) Here's another one from them entitled: "1901". There's no official video yet but it's still awesome.

6) Rooney - When Did Your Heart Go Missing? I am really ignoring the fact that the lead vocalist is that guy who played that dork from PRINCESS DIARIES.

7) Keane - Everybody's Changing. This is one of my ultimate fave bands right now.

8) And in honor of the late Donna Summer, here is a soundtrack that plays on and on in my head when slavery calls.

I work hard for my money so you better treat me right! *snap* *snap* You go girl!

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