13 Channels

During the pre-cable/ satellite TV era, growing up with having only 13 options of local channels was already enough for me. I remember watching what we call in the Philippines, "noon-time shows" which pretty much showcases a bunch of lovely people (mostly celebrities) dancing and singing to current hit songs, wearing the latest trends. Although, I didn't realize 'til I was a little bit older that a lot of these people couldn't actually sing nor dance to save their lives, if they ever depended on it. I had to secretly watch the "noon-shows" with my nannies and siblings because my Dad didn't allow us to watch any of them nor any Filipino movies for that matter. It was not about the language, it was more about the content. It really does fry your brain. It's like MTV but on speed and acid.

Let's now move on to cartoons. Man, cartoons back then were awesome. Southpark and Family Guy got nothing on Thunder Cats, Voltes V, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, Transformers, X-Men, etc.

Remember the songs to these cartoons? Thundahhhh, Thundahhhh, Thundahhhh, Thundahhhh CATS!

Or that Voltes V Japanese theme song which I'm sure my brother still knows how to imitate the words, as if we really understood what they were singing about. It still sounded bad ass, nonetheless. 

And then there's the iconic Filipino horror show that up to this day terrorizes the little child in me. Even the song itself was terrifying enough back then. *shiver*

"Regal Shocker"

 Don't let the cheesy old 80's bloody font fool you. Some stories they used to show in this series still linger on even in this rather fearless society.

Last but never the least...my favorite show on Sunday Mornings! Chinese martial arts shows which had no English sub-titles but I happily watched them anyway! Those Chinese really know how to kick some serious butt. I really thought it was cool when they had those fans with concealed metal stars in it. 

Or when they would fight in mid-air and flee from one tree branch to another...

These shows make me really miss those 13 channels that we once had on the old tube.

How about you folks out there? What were your favorite shows? Don't be shy. I don't bite hard.


  1. Amen on the flying chinese people!!! I remember watching that while getting ready for church


  2. Hi V.V.,

    I think most of us watched it even if we couldn't understand a damn thing! Hahaha.
    Thanks for reading! =)

  3. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle / Shaider / Batibot / The Dog of Flanders! =)

  4. Shiel: Oh yeaaaa! Shaider! Thanks for reading! =)


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