Call Me Maybe

Alright people. Are we having a bad day or *gulp* bad week? Fret no more, the Harvard baseball team is here to save the day. Oh and if you are rolling your eyes right about now, you probably attend at Yale. Ha! =))

Thank you YOUTUBE for making me giggle like a school girl. I'd like to give a special mention to that guy in the middle with the black cast. HOO-HAA!

P.S. Hi to my boyfriend! By the way, do you know I love you? hehehe!


  1. cute pears! lolz - mitch

  2. they have some cutties at HARVARD! hahaha lolz

  3. Well well, to all those young aspiring doctors out there...we now KNOW WHERE WE'RE HEADED FOR MED-SCHOOL! TO HARVARD IT IS! :P Mr.Right's waiting ;)

  4. cute smart boys...or cute (bought their admissions into harvard) boys!!! no complains when are they going to be my patients ;)

  5. V.V.,

    You might want to look out for that guy in the black cast, he may need some *further* assistance. haha.


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