Attack of The Food Trucks

I am so predictable. As you can see, I am starting my blog with the most comfortable and easiest thing for me to talk about.. FOOD! Why not? Everyone loves food. Heck, everyone needs food. So when I found out that there was going to be a Food Truck Festival just a couple of blocks from my pad this weekend, I knew it would be the perfect way to introduce the trend to some of you readers out there who haven't really experienced the wild and wonderful cuisine of food trucks.

Tada! Instant Viking hat! That's called the "Broadsword", Half-pound Hungarian Sausage.

Long gone are the days when food trucks were dubbed as the "Roach Coach". This term was established as to food trucks being pretty much nasty old trucks carrying greasy food with less than impeccable hygienic practices. All that has changed with a blink of an eye and now, food trucks are like gourmet kitchens on wheels. What's great about them is that they offer mostly comfort food, but sassier.

FYI: I didn't really have a hefty appetite today so, I didn't consume a lot of food myself. Here are the ones I tasted anyway...First stop, The Viking Truck.

The Viking truck offers from the rather safe choice of corn dog to gourmet half-pound Hungarian hot dogs.

Next stop, The Fry Smith. If you think you won't have your fill with just fries, think again. The Fry Smith offers a great twist on french fries, with some topped with Kimchi and Kurobuta pork belly or if you're feeling the Vegan side, you can opt for their Vegan Chili Fries which is topped with Soy Chorizo.

My Chili Cheese Fries made with Angus all-beef chili made with beer and chocolate, topped with cheddar cheese.

Aside from mouth-watering gourmet food, some food trucks offer great selection of drinks which include Boba drinks as well as Slushies. It took me awhile to decide on which one to get but I'm glad I lined up for this Hawaiin Slush from Uncle Lau's.

Mango-flavored Slush from Uncle Lau's.

I really, really wanted to get dessert at that cool truck that offered delicious Belgian waffles or that truck that had the fancy cupcakes but I just didn't have enough fighting spirit left so I decided to wave the white flag. I was really disappointed at how my eating performance was today. I was even dressed up for it! I had my maxi dress on, to cover the inevitable bulge after my food binge and gladiator sandals to be able to easily run from one truck to another.

Note to readers: Don't ever, ever wear white when you plan to stuff your face with messy,greasy food. Most likely you will end up with food stains,which in my case was mustard, ketchup and yellow juice stain. My poor jacket didn't stand a chance.
Overall, it's a fun and interesting experience and I'm pretty sure this gourmet food truck biz isn't going to be a trend that's going to easily fade away from the scene. For those who haven't experienced food truck cuisine, I hope I've sort of talked some of you guys into it. It's really worth a try. It's food, it's clean and it's gourmet. What else could you ask for? 

Til the next food fest! 

And remember..Food is our Friend! =) Happy Eating!


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