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It's funny how I have a lot of friends and acquaintances requesting for me to write something in regards to fashion, and I must say that I feel a little hesitant because I know how it's going to go down. I say something and someone's gonna be reading in their tattered pajamas saying Pshh... she doesn't know what she's talking about. I mean, I dress decently but I don't necessarily go for the latest fads and whatever is abuzz in the fashion world because it gets too ridiculous, really. So this post is not about fashion, it's just about common sense. This one's for the men who need a little push to....how can I put it delicately...look less...

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Lesson 1: Grooming.

The thing you wear the most is your own skin (and hair). So boys, that means trimming and shaving regularly. If girls wanted you all hairy with matching uni-brows, Chewbacca would be the sexiest man alive right now.

Sorry I had to drag you into this Chewy.
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Guys, there is nothing more sissy than a man wearing skinnier, tighter pants than his main squeeze.

If you have slender legs, I understand that you do need something more tapered to fit you but you ain't doin' yoga with it so step away from the man jeggings and no one gets hurt..literally. How do you breathe down there?



Here are some perfect examples on how to rock the look of sexy skinny jeans without losing your manhood:

Helmut Lang skinny jeans
Diesel Skinny Jeans "Thanaz"

Lesson 3: A real man always, always has to have a black suit in his closet.

There has never been a time in history wherein a man has never looked good in a well-fitted suit. You give a hobo a black suit plus a crash course on the British accent and you get James Bond, well..at least the hobo version. A good suit can feature every best asset of a man and can slyly hide the worst.

Who wouldn't want to take a guy home who looks as dapper-looking as this to meet the rents:

Hugo Red "Aikonen/Hol"

Credits: Suit, Dress Shirt, Tie, Shoes(not shown) and yes,even underwear (Thank God, not shown) by Hugo Boss

Lesson 4: If you are not going to the beach or lounge around the house, flip-flops should be used at a minimal when going out into the real world.

The first thing that I do when I meet a guy is I check his shoes. I don't know why but it seems that the shoes a man wears says a lot about him. You wouldn't want to meet a hot girl and then (boo!) you're wearing flip flops, you've got your feet exposed and God knows I love how men can look so hot but whoever checked out a guy saying, Hey check out that guy's feet! He's so hot with his big toe showing like that!

When you pick out dress shoes, make sure they are not too pointy nor too square-ish on the toe. You don't want to look like Legola's reject brother with your pointy ass shoes nor do you want to look like you got your shoes from Frankenstein's haute couture collection.

Prada Leather Oxfords

But what if you're not the dress shoes kinda guy. Well, casual shoes are a little bit more tricky but the safe ones that you can pick out is a good pair of loafers like this...

Prada Penny loafers

 and the more casual sneakers like this...

Lesson 5: Don't terrorize, ACCESSORIZE! 

Calm down. Don't be bustin' out with the thick gold chains and the bling-bling just yet. You don't need to wear all that jewelry unless you're a dead pharaoh who's about to be buried in a tomb. 
It's always wise to invest in a good time-piece. Sport watches are fun to play around with and are great as a substitute but you have to have at least one sophisticated watch that you can wear everyday and that you can use for any occassion.

When I become a bajillionaire,  I want to buy my boytoy (a.k.a. Miguel) a toy of his own..


Vacheron Constantin Overseas Chronograph

Of course, I'm not stupid. I'll get him that watch in exchange for this Harry Winston necklace...

If you hear a thud, that was just my boyfriend fainting.

Anyway, boys..you get the point. Make the effort and you will reap the rewards with hugs and kisses from your girl, your boo, your wifey, your hunnybuns, your..*I think I just puked in my mouth*.. 

Class Dismissed!


  1. Oh, but uni-brows are as classic as Starwars and Sesame Street... remember Ernie an BERT? They never get old... Timeless!

    Oh and sorry... the watch and necklace photos won't seem to load in my browser! Can only read as far as lesson 4 for some mysterious reason... how strange!

  2. Migs: That's too bad 'coz I thought you would like the necklace ;p Hehe


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