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Hey, hey, hey it's the weekend and there's no better way to come back from my short hiatus than do some retail therapy at Sephora! *insert googley eyes* I was running low on some stuff and Sephora had this promo of earning 3X points on every purchase (promo ran for about 3 days only) so I happily took advantage of the great offer.

Let's check out my stash for the day:

L-R: Marc Jacobs Beauty Lovemarc Lip Gel, Make Up Forever HD Primer, Make Up Forever Double Ended Sculpting Brush 

Marc Jacobs Beauty Lovemarc Lip Gel in Neo-Noir. I've been experimenting on different types of red hues for my lips and I simply love the rich color of Neo-Noir! The lipstick glides on smoothly and my lips did not dry out after having it on for a couple of hours. This is my first Marc Jacobs cosmetics purchase and I am impressed!

This color is going to be perfect for fall! :)

So excited, I tried it on right after taking a nap. Uhm yeah, I'm really frustrated with my camera 'coz when I tried to take pictures of my lips, the color seems to look PINK instead of like a dark cherry (bad bathroom lighting, I guess). See what I mean? 

I love my messy hair. Ha!

I love how the casing has a built-in magnet by the enclosure so the cover snaps into the body case easily.

Make Up Forever  HD Primer. I think there are about 7 different kinds of HD Primers and I always go for Yellow #6. It says here on the box that it's used to lighten dark complexions and yellowish skin tones. I don't have a dark complexion per se, but I do love the fact that this primer evens out my skin tone before applying foundation.

Make Up Forever Double Ended Sculpting Brush. I badly needed a blush brush and I already have MUFE's Kabuki brush and Foundation brush so I already know it's going to be a reliable product. I love how it has a dual purpose, one side for highlighting/ applying blush and the other side, for sculpting. As if I know how to use a bronzer! Ha! But it's best to be prepared with the right tools, right?

I restocked on my Shiseido Facial Cotton, too. So far, this is the only cotton that doesn't feel abrasive on my face. Ever had some cotton pads that feel rough? This one is so soft that I don't feel like the fibers are going to scratch my face!

I also tried the Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue - Escape to Panarea but after some time, I didn't like the scent of it on my skin. So I had to go back to the store and just switched it to the trusty 'ol regular Light Blue instead.

I didn't want to go overboard with just a single purchase, especially for someone who rarely wears make-up so that's about it for me today.

I'm thinking my next lipstick purchase should be in a dark gothic color then I'll shave my head just to freak my boyfriend out. Ha!

Happy Weekend my minions, I'm glad to be back!


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