My Boy, Benedict

I think I'm noticing a pattern now... I fancy British men! I don't know if it's the accent or if they're just really,really,really good-looking (thanks, Zoolander). Exhibit A: Benedict Cumberbatch. He's no typical boy band beauty (thank heavens!) but Mr. Cumberbatch's wit and sex appeal more than makes up for it! I find him actually quite attractive, his features aren't really of a typical leading man...some even say, he's kind of an acquired taste. He's got those piercing blue eyes, curly locks and lips that resemble of an adorable cherub pouting. Oh jeez and his voice...Holy Shawarma. He could be reciting a State of the Union/Nation Address consisting of only the words "poop" and "tambourine" in it and all I hear would be "economy is back on track"..."all terrorists are retiring"...."gas prices are only 50 cents"...."donuts don't actually make you fat"....

I first got a good glimpse of him when I saw the movie, "Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy" where he plays as an agent of the British Intelligence.

He's like a red head 007!

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And then I noticed him again when HBO (BBC in the UK) released a mini-series called Parade's End, an adaptation of novels written by Ford Madox Ford. What's worse than being in the midst of World War I? Why, a love triangle ofcourse! I think he gained some weight but I thought that it was perfect for his character, Mr. Tietjens.
And then he totally shoots himself back to the modern era as he plays Sherlock Holmes in BBC's hit series, Sherlock. It's crazy how he managed to look so different with his jet black hair and slimmer silhouette. Slim-fit shirts, slim suits and a double-breasted wool overcoat (Yes, popped collar.) = Modern day Sherlock Holmes.
Let's not forget how great he played as the villain, Khan in Star Trek Into Darkness... when not in character, he looks like this: Warning! Photo Flood ahead!

Staring deeply into the abyss with his herringbone jacket...*i melt*

He looks super sleek with the shorter 'do and the black on midnight blue ensemble:
 He looks like a doll with those curly blonde adorable!
Can someone please get this guy for the next James Bond movie already? Open-collar shirts on a suit has never looked so good. Seriously. Seriously.
Hey boy, washu name? Washu numbah? 


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