Easter Travels: California Science Center

Nothing much is open during Easter Sunday but luckily, the California Science Center welcomed tourists and locals alike to save us all from wandering around aimlessly at empty malls---kinda like how cockroaches would be after a nuclear disaster.

Believe it or not, I didn't make plans for Easter brunch. The past few weeks have been quite exhausting  for me---doing a lot of errands, making important appointments, (real) work, (fake work) blogging and everything else in between! So if you really want to know what I had for Easter brunch, here it is:

My sister packed me my nephews' leftover bacon and rice. She didn't want me to starve on the way to the Science Center. Ah yes, bacon---the salty reason why I will never lose weight.

The California Science Center isn't really hard to find since it's right smack beside the USC (University of Southern California) campus. On the way there, you can also do a quick stop-over and see a historical monument, the St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church. Check out the architecture! Me likey!

When you get to the center, you can park as close as you want to the entrance so make sure to get there as early as you can to beat the crowds. Parking is about $10 USD.

This is what's inside that cylinder-shaped structure from the pic above.

The admission is free to get in to the exhibits except for its main attraction, the Space Shuttle Endeavor, which has a $2 reservation fee. Please take note that it is strongly encouraged for everyone to go online to the center's website to schedule a timed reservation to view the space shuttle.

The Endeavour has its own exhibit as well prior to the viewing of the shuttle itself, which is really all exciting for a semi-nerd like me.

Ground control to Major Tom...(if you don't get it, you must listen to David Bowie once in awhile)

The Endeavour went for 25 missions to outerspace before it was decommissioned.

This is where the astronauts go do number 1 and number 2. Nevermind about constipation, they got bigger problems. They had to pee in a funnel and poop doesn't plop down, it curls up and sticks to any surface.

These pods at the exhibit are simulators of...well, I'm not really sure but I know for sure that they're simulators of something. I'm very thorough, aren't I?

And here it is! The Space Shuttle Endeavour!

My sister and my nephew sitting underneath the three space shuttle main engines (SSMEs).

This is how a space shuttle main engine looks like up close...freakin' huge!

The Spacehab (yes, with an A) gives extra space for the astronauts to store experiments, supplies,etc.

As much as we wanted to stick around and just sit on a bench underneath the Endeavour, the kids wanted to explore the rest of the exhibits available. But first, let me shamelessly insert a little Fruit Fashion Files here.

This is why I can't be strictly a fashion blogger. My photographers are my siblings who constantly make fun of me and I cannot for the life of me, model my clothes. Maybe I'll just stick to styling in the future.

Cropped jacket by A/X; one-shoulder floral dress by Liberty of London; sandals (not seen) by Franco Sarto; my trusty everyday purse by Louis Vuitton (Artsy Empreinte)

Always waiting for bacon to fall from the sky...

Yep, I get so awkward.

Then these guys pulled me to join them on this hurricane simulator that was a waste of $2 dollars but we always make everything seem fun, anyway.

Off we go to explore other places...
That's my mom and dad in front of the aquarium at the Kelp Forest exhibit!

Spot my dad's head amongst the jellyfish.

Still finding Nemo?

One of my nephews breezing through the High Wire Bicycle located at the 3rd floor.

I actually discovered this rose garden right on the other side of the building while grabbing a bite at McDonald's...

Like any other public place, be careful with your belongings as I noticed that there were a bunch of shady people hanging around the garden. With that said, the lawn was well-kept and the flowers were in full bloom!

Blending in?

Whoa! This was one teenage mutant ninja flower!

 That's the Natural History Museum in the background . Sadly, we ran out of time so I wasn't able to explore in there. Note to self: Don't ever sit on the grass sans blanket/ protective layer. Water will seep through dress and underwear and you will acquire moist hiney.

Spring has sprung! I hope everyone had a great Easter weekend!



  1. my friends heard your playlist and they liked it!!!

  2. Thanks for sharing, Delc! :) Maybe I'll post some more in a couple of days so don't forget to tell your friends to check for updates :)


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