Beautiful Day: Part 2

After having brunch,  we didn't want to pass up the chance to do a quick stop-over at Venice since the weather was so inviting. Upon hearing about it, my nephews gave me a puzzled look, scratched their heads and asked, " What?! Do we have to go to the airport and fly out to Venice?". You could see the true bewilderment in their faces as they thought we were going to Venice, ITALY and didn't realize that we were talking about Venice, California. This is the beauty of being a child, they can say nothing wrong and it downright amuses me.

As much as I wish to see the Venice Canals in Italy, this will have to suffice for now:
Check out the little boats docked on each side!

There are little walk ways to pass through on both sides so the home owners have easy access. It's a treat for tourists too since you can walk around and take pictures of the lovely homes situated by the canals.

Don't mind the whale, I just wanted to show you the walkways (and why not to stress-eat).

Walking by, you can literally be in someone's backyard and the residents don't seem to mind having strangers admire their homes at an extremely close distance. Of course it would still be awkward for me if they saw me snapping pictures of their homes--- I'm not that crazy, I only snap pictures of random cute guys without them knowing.

It's Spring so the flowers are all in full bloom and the residents are doing a great job in taking care of their landscapes.

If you plan to make a trip here, make sure to park closer to the canals---it's a tad cheaper vs. the parking lot next to the beach boardwalk. From there, you can visit the canals and then walk around two blocks down to Venice Beach. If I could do it walking in heels, you can easily do it in your beach-ready flip flops too.

This is the Venice Beach Boardwalk. You can find all sorts of stuff here: restaurants, bars, street performers, artists, medical marijuana dispensers,  just plain crazy people, funky souvenir shops and much more.

Venice Beach is also home of the famous Muscle Beach, where bodybuilders like our former Governor slash Terminator, Arnold Schwarzenegger, used to work out and compete at.

Let's take a peak of the beach...

Yep, this really happened...walking in the sand...with my heels. Ha!

So what do I think of the this beach? Well... I come from a little island called Cebu, so you can't blame me for having such high standards when it comes to beaches. Just google "Cebu beaches" and be prepared to choke on your gluten-free soy burger.

It was time to head back home and this happened in the car:

Mom: Look at your daughter, she's being vain.
Dad: Why, what is she doing?

Mom: She's taking a picture of herself!
Dad to Me: Ha! Ha! Ha! You need to lose weight! (look at him chuckling in the picture below)

I guess in the end, I didn't enjoy my day because of what we did, where we ate and where we went to. It turned out to be a beautiful day because I was fortunate enough that (part of) my family was there to celebrate my day with me. Remember that family always comes first--- take care of them as they take good care of you.

P.S. I won't be doing a separate Fruit Fashion Files post for my birthday but for your reference, I am wearing:
White dress with gold shoulder rivets by Vince Camuto; leather and canvass sandals by Sam Edelman; multi-colored bag by Louis Vuitton; black wool cardigan by Zara.

I hope you have a beautiful day, too! :)


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