Happy Halloweenie!

Hey folks! Sky and I just wanted to send our greetings to everyone! Keep safe, don't eat too much candy and don't get chased down naked by a dude with a hockey mask and a machete!

Looks like Jason has let himself go...look at that one-pack.
Photo Credits: Tony Case
Note: No pumpkins were hurt in this photo session.

Skyler wearing the only custome that (barely) fits him...

Is that a pumpkin or a raccoon?

Happy Halloweenie! =)

Toodles! =)

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  1. Hahah... well Jason actually looks healthier... they should definitely get that guy for the next Friday the 13th movie. Anyway, Skyler looks adorable as always. He actually does look like a raccoon dressed as a pumpkin in that one photo. On the other hand, you look frighteningly fantastic with a knife... oh stab me, stab me pls.!


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